Talk About a Job That You Would Not Like to Do.

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Talk about a job that you would not like to do. Please say

– What job is it?
– How do you know about it?
– Is it hard or easy to do?

Part 3 (Discussion)

– What interests people more, a good salary or an interesting job?
– Can people with different levels of income be equally happy?
– Is pay raise the best motivation tool for workers?
– What else can employers do to motivate their employees to perform better at work?

Sample Answer of Talk about a job that you would not like to do. 

Well, everybody likes to set some goals in their life. Similarly, I have also set a goal in the past and it was to get slim. I was not aware of my physique, but one of my friends made me aware of obesity. I was gaining weight and getting a protruded stomach. It was impossible for me to wear my old jeans. By then, I decided to lose weight and started to do jogging, running, and some aerobic exercises. Although it seemed impossible to me I was self-motivated and this thing was the icing on the cake.

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I used to get up in the wee hours and did regular exercise.  I was amazed to see myself so thin. And I was able to wear my old jeans which were purchased by my parents. So I was happy because I felt more confident and full of beans. I thought if I had not taken a proactive step, I wouldn’t be able to lose weight, and perhaps I would have been leading a sedentary lifestyle. I think one must set challenges because challenges make any person strong enough to reap the rewards. So this was the goal that I set for myself on the advice of my friend and it achieved it with my hard labor.

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