Talk About A Joke That Made You Laugh: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Talk About A Joke That Made You Laugh

  • Who told you a joke?
  • When and Where?
  • What was the joke?
  • Why did you find it interesting?

Sample 1  Talk About A Joke That Made You Laugh: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Well, if I talk about cracking some jokes and making people laugh, definitely. It is the hardest thing to do, especially since I am not good at that. It is not my cup of tea to laugh at someone and crack an excellent joke, but here is one of my friends who cracks a lot of jokes every time we meet him. He comes up with a new joke and kind of sense of humour. Then we really enjoyed his company because he can make us laugh in the worst condition as well because of his sense of humour and timing which make him a really kind of jolly person and there was a joke which he cracked recently when we sat and enjoyed your meal. He came up with a new joke, and we started listening to that joke. The joke was about a thief. The joke was that there was a time when one thief robbed the same house 19 times. After a great six-month Marathon, he finally ended up catching up when he went up to the courtroom for a fair trial. After some discussion judge ordered him to spend six months of life in prison, and before sending him to jail, the judge asked the thief. Why was he robbed 19 times in the same house? The thief says that if every family has a family doctor or a family teacher. I am their family thief, and we started laughing very loudly when the line came up with the family thief. The other people are watching us, and I think this is the most hilarious and funniest joke. I ever listen to it my entire life till now.

Sample 2 Talk About A Joke That Made You Laugh: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Laughter is good for the body. It has been discovered that it reduces the risk of some health conditions. One of the ways to have a good laugh is by listening to jokes. I have listened to several interesting jokes. However, I would like to talk about the one that made me laugh hard. Recently, I heard a joke on a television show from a popular comedian in my country named basket mouth about a man that visited his girlfriend parent’s house for the first time and used their toilet but was unable to flush well; then he took the faeces and wrapped it in his face towel but unfortunately for him, as he was going home, he has forgotten what he did and used the towel to rub the face. I found it so interesting because of how hilarious the comedy’s character is and how the speaker presented the joke.

Part 3 Questions Talk About A Joke That Made You Laugh: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- What kinds of things make you laugh?

Answer 1:- I think the situation makes me laugh whenever any situation happens, or something terrible happens; I straight laugh very loudly, and some TV shows and stand-up comedies make me laugh.

Answer 2:- I can not say precisely what makes me laugh because diverse things make me laugh, depending on my emotions when the joke is cracked.

Question 2:- Do you like making other people laugh?

Answer 1:- As I said earlier, I don’t make people laugh very easily because of my sense of humour and timing. It is definitely not my cup of tea because I am not good at that, so that is why I cannot make people lose easily. Nevertheless, sometimes, I can crack some good jokes, but it rarely happens.

Answer 2:- Making someone laugh is an inestimable gift. Hence, I like to make people laugh because I know when I do, I might be saving a soul from depression. Also, laughter contributes to good health, so I want to be part of the story of making someone healthier.

Question 3:- Do you think it’s important for people to laugh?

Answer 1:- Yes, it is definitely very important for people to laugh at certain things, like while watching some funny shows, a stand-up comedy while talking to their friends or relatives is to have some laughing conversation so that they can improve the blood and blood cells in their body and also laughter brings joy or on the face of the person. It is very important to laugh because nowadays, everyone has stress and tension, so apart from them, laughing is therapy.

Answer 2:- Laughter is essential to living. Therefore it is important for people to laugh because it makes someone looks younger and promotes mental health by preventing depression.

Question 4:- Is laughing the same as feeling happy, you think?

Answer 1:- Most of the time, laughing is the emotion or feeling happy, and I think of the person laughing very loud, then they must be laughing from the heart. A person must be happy from the inside, but it is important to laugh from the bottom of your heart so that you can feel free. Also, doctors said that laughter is the best therapy for everyone, and it can bring joy and remove sadness from your life.

Answer 2:- Laughing is not the same as feeling happy because laughter is just a reaction to a positive situation, while happiness is a positive emotional state.

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