Talk About a Lazy Person You know

Talk About a Lazy Person You know

Who the person is
How well you know him
What makes this person lazy
What should he do to improve

Sample Answer of Talk About a Lazy Person You know

It is a part of human nature to show a lethargic attitude from time to time. Still, some people are permanent victims of laziness, and I would like to take a person who is my cousin brother, Arvind, Who I believe is the laziest person in this world. Since he is my brother, But I know him for a very long time, I think laziness is in his blood. That’s why he can never do any physical activity.

I remember on weekends when we all cousins used to go to the playground to play cricket, and He used to sit ideally aside doing nothing. I have never seen Arvind doing anything on time because he is a victim of procrastination. he is late primarily for everything as he never respects the time.

Just because of this lazy attitude, he hardly has a friend. Just like him, his Conversations are also useless, and you can never enjoy being with him. In fact, you can well understand how lazy he is, like his favorite free time activity to do is to sleep. In addition to it, whatever he does, he does it at a plodding pace. He strolls like older people. I certainly believe that Arvind needs to gear up.

Everyone advised him to understand the value of time because time, once passed, never comes back. As he is already suffering a lot because of being lazy, he hardly has a friend due to his cold nature, and his parents also keep on scolding him for not doing things on time. Moreover, he faces some detrimental health issues such as obesity, muscle pain, and so on. To be a better person, he must listen to motivational speeches and work energetically to get rid of laziness.

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