Talk About a Perfect Job You Would Like to Have in The Future

Describe a perfect job you would like to have in the future

  • What it is,
  • How you knew it,
  • What it is like,
  • why you think it is perfect

Sample 1

Well, people do a lot of effort to get a job so that they can earn a hefty amount. Similarly, I have also thought to do a job as a content writer. I got to know about this job from one of my admirable well-wishers. She told me that I could do this job while sitting in any corner of the world, and it would be a great opportunity to earn well and to establish one’s identity. I would like to do this job for my baby because I can’t leave her on others for her to take care of.

Moreover, if I do any other job besides this, then I would have to spend long hours in any office or in any college, so it’s a tiring job. I would have left no time for myself to upgrade my knowledge. So if I do this job, then there are more chances of earning a large amount as well as I can take care of my child. Well, I think my child is in the growing stage. So she needs me more than any other person. It would be great if I did this job and I fulfil the needs of my family.

I think this job is perfect because I am fully prepared for this job now. It’s not only due to the high amount that people get in this job but because I have an interest in this job. Being a literature student, I think I have a lot of opportunities there. To do this job a person must have good knowledge of the language as well as imagination also work. If a person is a learner, then no one can stop him or her from becoming successful. This is a reason I would like to do this job in the foreseeable future.

Sample 2

I think everyone has this dream of having to go decent job with a minimal amount of salary, and you just fulfil your every need along with the family needs so one day I was thinking about to have this dream job which is become Principle in a school and give education to all the children’s where it needs who cannot afford to pay the fees Anne get the education to their children so in future. I have given a thought about building a school where everyone can be able to gain knowledge without worrying about money they can be independent people also I have this thought about building a school from a YouTube video, but I have seen one man has just given a thought about it and have fulfilled this dream of his to give education to each and every child.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Perfect Job You Would Like to Have in The Future

Question 1. Do you think you want to take up this job?

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely I would like to take up this job as I am eagerly waiting for the opportunity and I hope in the future if I get a chance I will not hesitate to leave it. I will do my best to get this job.

Answer 2:- Yes I would love to take up this job in my future if I ever get a chance because I think giving education which is free to those who need it very much can be essential for a future generation, and also they can be independent and we can also be helpful in modern developments if it ever needed.

Question 2. Which occupation should be given better pay?

Answer 1:- Well, every occupation needs labour, communication skills as well a good academic background. People do their best when they are in a job, but there are some professions which are very important for our society like doctors, teachers, engineers because they do valuable services for the society I think these must be given higher salaries.

Answer 2:- I do not think, so there is something or when occupation which needs better be because I think every occupation has its own pros and cons, so I think each and every occupation is equally important and this modern world. Also individual will choose the job according to his interest so there is nothing to be said that this field or this occupation is giving or should give more salaries.

Question 3. Is being rich a good thing?

Answer 1:- Definitely, people must save for their future because no one knows at what time they can have a need for money. If they don’t save money, then they will have to repent in the future. They will be at the mercy of others, and sometimes nobody will help them, so they must save a penny daily for their future.

Answer 2:- I do not think so why if we are rich is a bad thing because we have learned that if we have to do something or if we need to start something new, we should have money in our hands, so I think being rich is not a bad thing, but also if you are rich and if you’re not spending that money properly it can be a bad thing people will just get influenced, or they will just use this money for the necessity which is not important so they should think about it and use the money wisely.

Question 4. Do you think people should save for the future?

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely being a rich person is a good thing because people can buy any kind of thing with money. They will have a good reputation in society. People will invite them to many social functions, and they get VIP treatment from the people, which is a good thing nowadays.

Answer 2:- I think it is very much important to save money for the future. If I just spend money on shopping or partying or buying gifts for others which are not always essential can be reduced the course in future we do not know what can happen if you want to buy a home we should have at least minimum amount of money with our sense, so I think it is very much important to see for future.

Question 5. What makes a person choose a job apart from the pay it offers?

Answer 1:- I think job satisfaction, the locality as well as other privileges like transport, accommodation. This kind of thing makes a person do any particular job. If they find a job near to their residential area, then they feel happier because they can reach early and simultaneously can spend some time with their family that they usually waste while travelling from their home to workplace.

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