Describe a Time when You First Talked in A Foreign Language

Describe a time when you first talked in a foreign language

  • Where were you,
  • Who you were with,
  • What did you talk about,
  • How you feel about it

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You First Talked in A Foreign Language

Foreign language in some times is a daunting task for many people, but as for me, I thank the almighty that I have the gift of gab. I remember vividly that out of many students, I was chosen to take part in the seminar. I was thoroughly blue. But with the encouragement of my friends and mentors, I got ready to participate in it. It was a seminar on honour killing.

Although I was not well versed as I was taught by a versatile tutor who was a naval officer. So I found myself confident to speak in front of other students and was ready to answer any questions raised by them. I felt very proud because I spoke fluently, and I was appreciated by not only students but also by the other faculty. It has really boosted my confidence since then. I made it my habit to speak in English with other people, and now if I remember my past days, I feel proud that by dint of learning this skill, I can learn other languages.

I don’t push myself back in participating in any event. I am an avid reader, so I frequently take part in the letter to the editor section in The Tribune. I give full credit to my mentors, who taught me in such a fantastic way that is now speaking an alien language is no more a barrier for me even sometimes when I go to outer places and accidentally meet foreigners, then, I feel happy to talk to them. I think being multilingual brings pride to a person.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You First Talked in A Foreign Language

 I am living in India, which is a diverse country that has lots of culture and traditions. Each culture has its own language, such as Marathi is spoken in Maharastra, Gujarati is spoken in Gujarat and so on. So when I was in, I think so 3rd class my teacher told me to have a normal conversation in English. At that time, I talked in English for the first time.

The person with whom I had to conversate was my friend, but it was very uncomfortable to talk in English as it was my first time. Though it was a normal conversation, it was very stressful, and I was very shy to talk. But slowly I started talking, just saying my name and saying about my hometown. Slowly I started elaborating every matter of my everyday life. Though I was making lots of grammatical and tense mistakes, my teacher praised me as I tried as others were afraid of trying. 

After then it was one of the rules in our class to talk in English, and if we broke it, we had to face punishment. Due to this strict rule today, I am able to talk in this language fluently. 

Follow ups of Describe a Time when You First Talked in A Foreign Language

Question 1:- At what age should children start learning a foreign language?

Answer 1:- I think children should start learning a foreign language at a very early age because they will become habitual to speak in foreign language well and in their further life they will not face any communication barrier.

Answer 2:- I think learning has no age limit, so learning from childhood will benefit as it will boost the memory, and able to conversate with all people with different cultures. 

Question 2:- Which skill is more important, speaking or writing?

Answer 1:- I think both are very important because if a person is good at writing, then definitely he will be aware of grammatical elements, and this will also help in making error-free speaking. So both play an important role and are an integral part of a language.

Answer 2:- I think so both the skill are important as writing will improve vocabulary and will know grammatical structure whereas speaking will boost confidence and also teaches us to conversate with anybody.

Question 3:- Does a person still need to learn another language if he is good at English?

Answer 1:- Yes, a person should learn any other language except English because multilingual helps a person in knowing about the whole world. Although English is spoken widely and is used everywhere still there are some countries as well as states where a particular regional language is spoken. If a person knows well, then he can grow well and becomes friendly with others very easily.

Answer 2:- Yes definition. Learning lots of languages will increase the scope of job opportunities and learning.

Question 4:- Do you think minority languages will disappear?

Answer 1:- Yes, minority languages will definitely disappear because people don’t like to speak these languages as they are interested in speaking English, French, Spanish and many other languages. They forget their own language. People feel humiliated while speaking their own language.

Answer 2:- Yes, definitely with the popularity of major languages, minority languages would get disappeared. For instance, most of the people, after shifting to foreign usually forget their mother tongue and start speaking their local language, so apparently the minor language will decrease.

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