Talk About a Person Who Has Apologized to You

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Talk About a Person Who Has Apologized to You

who apologized to you?

when he apologized to you?

why they apologized?

Sample 1


Well, I think that we all tend to make some mistakes in life now and then. Sometimes intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally, But we usually regret than afterward I always try to apologize for what I do wrong, and of course, I expect some from the others. So here I would like to talk about a time when someone apologized to me.

When It Was:-

I vividly remember it all happened when I was in the 11th standard, After the competition of summer vacation, my science teacher gave us a project describing the negative effects of plastic bags in every living organism on earth. All the students were very enthusiastic about the competition because we all recommended our teachers to give this topic to all of us. I was very confident that I will win the heart of my teacher by making this project creatively.

Who The Person Was 

The person was none other that one of my classmates who used to sit behind me in the class.

Why This Person Apologized

After the day my teacher gave this project, All students were ready with our projects to submit. I went out of my calls for taking water and all of my classmates were chilling in the class by throwing bags in each other. Suddenly, My classmate, Harjeet hit my project with his bag. When I came back to the class what I saw was heartbreaking, It was my broken presentation on plastic bags. I yelled at everyone and asked who broke my project there was pin-drop silence in the class nobody was replying to me.

Suddenly Harjeet came out and confessed that he broke the presentation by mistake. After listening to this I start crying because I knew I’m Going to disqualified from this competition and I left the class. Harjeet ran behind me and apologized to me. He was feeling very guilty for not taking care of my project and he apologized repeatedly for his negligence and he assured me that he will assist me in repairing my broken model.

And Explain How you felt about it 

I did Feel sorry for him through, but at the same time, very sad as my project was damaged, but somewhere in my mind, I knew that this was not his fault. it all happened accidentally while they were having fun in the class Normally I easily lose my temper but it was because of the science apology that I couldn’t stay mad at him for very long with the help of him, I could rebuilding model before submission

Sample 2


Every person in their life makes more mistakes some are intentionally or some are unintentional. I always apologized to others for what I do wrong and the same I expect from others. However, I would like to talk about a person who has apologized to me for a major mistake.


she is my cousin’s sister.she is in his 15s.she is a very naughty and talkative girl. Her name is Raman.


I vividly remember that in the last summer vacation she visited my home. In those days, I had holidays but I had some college work. My college gave me project work. I was more concerned about my project at that time. I wanted to complete it very carefully because it was very important to me. The marks of that project must be added in my final exams so I made more efforts to complete it in an effective way.


After completed my project I kept it at a safe place but my cousin’s sister was very mischievous. During playing the game, she damaged my project. At that time I angry with her. I shouted at her very loudly. she started to cry. she repeatedly felt sorry then I realized that it was not his fault because that happened unfortunately and that could be happening by me hence I forgave her. After that, she stopped to cry. I renewed my project in an inefficient way.


That was a person who has apologized to me for their mistake.

Talk About a Person Who Has Apologized to You

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