Talk About a Person Who Takes Less Mental Stress

Talk About A Person Who Takes Less Mental Stress
Who This Person is
How well you know him
How he saves his energy
Would you like to follow him or be like him

Sample answer for Talk About a Person Who Takes Less Mental Stress

Having stress on the mind is natural, but many persons don’t take the stress and lead a peaceful life. Here I would like to speak about a person who is none other than my bosom friend Guri. He is cool and composes, and he never gets excited over good things too, when these happen. So he is a balanced personality, and when I ask him about his Serene nature, I came to know that he does meditation and yoga in the early morning and eats a balanced diet. He never uses a mobile phone for long hours and prefers to read motivational books.

He always adopts positivity even if he sometimes faces failure. I want to follow him whenever I am with him, I feel a sense of confidence in myself, and I remain optimistic. It is not only me who is greatly inspired by him, but all the members of my society appreciate him, and I feel proud to be his friend, and I wish we will remain together in such a great bond.

Follow Up Questions Talk About a Person Who Takes Less Mental Stress

Question: Do you like the fast pace of modern life?

No, I wouldn’t say I like the fast speed of modern life because in this way I think we don’t have much time for our family. We remain the time busy with our work and feel more stressed. It’s responsible for breaking the relationships as people devalue the relationship and have become money minded.

Question: How do you feel when you are really busy?

I feel a little bit down when I am swamped because I don’t get time for myself, and I feel more irritated, so having a busy life means having no spare time to improve myself.

Question: What s the best way to deal with stress?

Well, there are many ways to deal with stress. People can now watch movies, particularly motivational movies and the help of technology, by sitting at one place visit beautiful places of the world. In this way, they remain calm and feel happier, and I think dancing is also another stress-buster activity.

Question: What relaxation techniques do you usually use?

Well, I watch television and dance to relax. Apart from it, I listen to music and visit outside. Moreover, I do meditation and do some exercises. In this way, I remain cool and compose.

Question: What kind of lifestyle is suitable for people in modern society?

A healthy lifestyle is more suitable in modern life as people are getting stressed and committing suicide due to depression. So I think they need a healthy lifestyle and this they can get in countryside areas. They can get peace of mind and feel relaxed, and they can avoid overwork.

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