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Academic Writing Task 1

The bar chart below shows the percentage of Australian men and women in different age groups who did a regular physical activity in 2010.

The bar chart below shows the percentage of Australian men and women in different age groups who did a regular physical activity in 2010.

General Writing Task 1

You would like to work in a different city to be closer to your family. Write a letter to your employer to request a transfer to another office. In the letter:

  • Explain why you would like to move.
  • Request that your employer places you in a specific city.
  • Request that it be completed by a certain date.

General / Academic Writing Task 2

some people think the money they earn should be enjoyed by spending it now, while others think their earnings should be saved for the future. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Academic / General Speaking

Describe your favorite animal.

You Should Say:

  • what kind of animal it is
  • describe it briefly
  • why you like this animal
  • and describe why it is your favorite animal.

Follow-up Questions:

  1. What do you need to do to take care of it?
  2. What’s the future trend of the animal?
  3. How do you think of the poaching of some precious animals such as pandas?
  4. What should we do to protect endangered animals?
  5. Do you support doing experiments on animals?
  6. Why do some people refuse to eat animals?
  7. What would happen when some species disappear on earth?

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  1. My favourite animal is a bull dog, it is brown in colour and is about 4 feet tall, having a blue eye and her name is henry because he his very hairy and I love her so much . I love bull dog because it’s a very fascinating animal which can also serve for domestic and security purposes. Its my favourite animal because I am so fond of pets and since my mum gifted her to me she has been so dear to me. I only need feeds and some antibiotics to take care of it. I think the future trend of animal would be more of the wild animals becoming pet as some friendly aniare going into extinction. I think pandas should be treated with respect. We can create a kind of artificial wildlife to protect and save endangered species.
    Yes ,I vehemently support experiments on animals because they are also mammals.
    I believe so people refuse to eat animals based on their religion and doctrine. If some species disappear on earth it will be a history for children yet to be born.

  2. Creative Arts

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing this letter to seek a request regarding my transfer to our branch which was in Chennai Siruseri area.

    From the outset, I would like to migrate from Bangalore to Chennai because of daily expenses and also, I can stay with my family. However, due to this migration to other city from an existing one, I can get a lot of stress relief because of daily transit. Because of this, I would like to transfer me in place of my colleague and also, I have already spoken with the Chennai branch manager as well as with the HR department. They have already assured my position in their city branch.

    Please ensure these formalities has to complete by this weekend so that I can reach my office on the required date given by my superior that is 03.05.2021. If any details required for my exit formalities please mail me.

    I look forward to your rapid response.

    Yours Sincerely,


  3. Creative Arts

    How people spend their money is very much their personal choice. Some people believe that they should save for the future; others insist that they should spend their money to enjoy a better life. In my point of view, saving money is an absolute necessity, but it shouldn’t be achieved at the cost of limiting basic needs and recreational activities.

    On the one hand, it’s extremely important for people to understand their needs and wants. Irrespective of age and gender, each individual has their own desires to fulfill. People these days are working hard to get more money so that they can live in a bigger house and drive a more comfortable car. A recent study in the US revealed that middle class people spend more money on traveling than on rentals or loans. It is interesting to know that families with kids want to travel around the world to experience difficult cultures. One has to spend money to fulfill these desires.

    On the other hand, it’s equally important to curtail one’s spending. It is not uncommon for rich people to spend inordinate amounts of money on luxury goods and an extravagant lifestyle. Unfortunately, excessive spending can land people in trouble. A person’s financial situation can change any time. A sudden illness or job loss can land anyone in deep financial trouble. I myself have seen many old couples forced to live on government assistance. They used to earn well but because of their excessive spending habits they could not save anything for their twilight years.

    To conclude, it is evident that in order to live comfortably throughout one’s life, it is important to spend and save money wisely.

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