Talk about a product you bought but you were not satisfied

Talk about a product you bought but you were not satisfied with it.

-What was it?

-Where from you bought it?

-Why you were not satisfied?

And explain how you felt about it.

Well, I love shopping. I go shopping once a month with my mother but I am not a shopo-holic person. I have purchased a plethora of commodities during my whole life. At times, I go to the supermarket in my hometown for window shopping. And here I would like to talk about a product which I bought about six months ago but I am not satisfied with it. It was a computer. I explain it briefly.

Approximately six months ago, I had bought a second-hand computer from my friend Preet. She had purchased a laptop and she wanted to sell it. So, I bought it at a cheap rate.  But she did not tell me the whole truth about the computer. This computer was of “Zebronics company”. I had bought it to make presentations, office work, and projects. But when I used it for a week, then I felt dissatisfied. There are some reasons for it.

Firstly, I had an old computer of the old version of the operating system. It was not looking good because its structure was very old. Secondly, The computer’s processor was very slow and it had a little scratch on its screen.No one uses it in the present time. Also, Its color was white which easily caught dust. It always looked dingy.

Moreover, its internal memory is very small and I just keep a limited amount of data in it. I have been working in a Web Designing company named “The Creative Minds”. So, I have to store a lot of data on my computer but I could not do so. Due to this reason, I have purchased a laptop for my convenient.


All in all, at the present time, I use my laptop to do my work. So, I had bought a computer that was dissatisfied me.

Describe something you have recently bought and felt happy about

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