Talk about a time when you felt bored


Talk about a time when you felt bored.

  • When it was,
  • Who you were with,
  • What you were doing,
  • Why you felt bored

As I am a workaholic person, so I always prefer to do my work in my spare time also. I feel bored whenever I have to sit idle. It makes me even more lethargic and dull. Actually, during the time of COVID-19, people had to sit at home for approximately one year because the government had made stringent rules and regulations not to go out from home if someone went out, then he/ she was attacked by a coronavirus which was spread in the air too. This pathetic situation made life become isolated. People can’t even go out to play.

At that time, this virus was on the verge and exposed immediately when people contacted someone who got infected through this. The first three months of that period were really monotonous for me. Altogether, I must say this situation made us couch potatoes. The main reason for feeling bored was that I did not have any productive work at that time. Whereas when we sit at home, our life becomes mundane because we do not get a chance to experience new things.

By performing the same tasks every day, we get into a vicious circle, often finding it difficult to get out of that. The same happened to me. For the first few days, the leisure time I had was a blessing for me. But later on, it turned out to be a nightmare. So that period of six months can be termed as the most boring time of my life.

Part 3 Questions Talk about a time when you felt bored

Question 1. When do people feel bored?

People feel bored when they have to sit idle or when they feel isolated or lonely at home. Apart from it, when they have no work to do, then they feel bored.

Question 2. What can people do when they feel bored?

They think that they don’t have any productive work to do. At that time, they can indulge in numerous activities which make them physically fit, and they can also talk with someone, their friends, relatives. In short, they must engage themselves in something.

Question 3. Do people get bored with daily routines?

No, I think, according to my perspective, everyone is either working from home or doing work in a firm. Sometimes, they feel monotonous with the same routine, and then they have to discard the previous activities or replace or displace them with new ones.

Question 4. Is it easier for younger people to feel bored than for the old?

According to my, today’s generation feels more bored than old because, in this modern world, people always inculcate them towards wrong things which are of no use in the forthcoming future like video games and spend a hefty amount of time on new techniques which make them feel bored. While older people always try to do something even in their spare time, they always engage in various activities and never feel bored. 

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