Describe one of your grandparent’s job cue card

Describe one of your grandparent’s job cue card

You should say:

  • What they did?

  • Where he worked?

  • Explain it briefly?

Sample 1:-

Well, I have met with many persons in my life both youngsters and elders. And here I would like to talk about the job of my grandfather who was a brave army officer named Subedaar Bachan Singh.  He was very captivating and down to earth person.  He had great knowledge about India’s history and the Indian Army. He had died about six years ago.  I explain about him briefly.

He was a well-educated person and provided every facility to his whole family. He had joined the army in 1930. I was attached to his love and care because he loved me a lot. He told me many things about his job such as how he joined it?  I have remembered that he told me,  he ran from house to join the army and he had joined it in Lahore before the partition of India and Pakistan.

Moreover, He was the officer of India’s  Border Security Force. He had achieved many medals and awards in his whole life during his job. He was a very confident and brilliant human being. He had done each and everything for his family as well as for India. He was my best friend also. I love my grandfather till now.

Furthermore, He had taken part in the second world war and showed his metal to India’s foes. After the end of this war, he had gained a bravery award and medal from  Ex-President of India named “Neelam Sanjeeva Redi” for his bravery. I have yet it.


Apart from it, He helped to poverty-stricken people with money and other things. He helped his villagers by motivating them with his precious thoughts. He donated money to my village’s school in order to help poor learners.

After his death, I felt gloomy because I talked with him all day and shared my views with him. He always told me about solutions to solve problems. He explained to me about every experience of his life. He died after enjoying 90 springs of his life.

Now, whenever I feel sad and remember memories related to my grandfather, then I see his pictures. I missed him very much. If it possible by anyway, then I would like to meet him and spend time with him. So, he was a kindhearted person who loved me.

Sample 2:-

Well! An old person is like a book full of experiences. They have vast knowledge to describe us. We should talk to them in free time and also get time free to do this. I know many old people, whom I meet. But here I would like to talk about my grandparent. What they had done in there a time or what was their job. I have seen many old people but I have never met someone who as fit as my grandfather at that age.

Furthermore, He wakes up early morning, daily. He used to walk at 4.a.m in the morning, daily. And we found him in the field at 5 a.m. He was a teacher and he used to teach math subject at that time. His teaching style was amazing and he also teaches many times this subject.

All his students were good in that subject whatever he teaches because his teaching skill was amazing.  Moreover, it was he who introduced the world of books. He told me so many stories that how India was fought for our independence. His vast knowledge is astonished me a lot. Describe one of your grandparent’s job cue card

He never pretends that he is old and he always ready to help others. He has very good leadership skills too. However, my grandfather worked as a farmer for a long time and he also told me the value of doing things by self. He is a source of information for youth and I love my grandfather a lot.


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Describe one of your grandparent’s job cue card

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3 thoughts on “Describe one of your grandparent’s job cue card”

  1. Someone from Pak

    Sab k grandfather farmer q the? India me sab farmer the kia? Or army officer the us k ilawa b kuch btado, brave the ye to obvio he, border security pe the wo b obvio he or kuch b btadete bhai

  2. Opening statement : Well, here i would like to talk about the job of my grandparents do on the both sides. in olden days about 40-50 years the people were really work hard on the there elders given stream. they didnt had lot of opportunities to explore themself/no chance in shifting streams. especially in my country people were work for the respect in society not for earning/ saving money.

    Point:1 I want to consider both of my maternal and also paternal grandparents. about maternal side the are in stream of farming they used to work about 15 hrs daily, coming to otherend of the story is my parental life here in my childhood they were really hardworkers they used earn money in the stream of making pots.

    Point:2 when we consider both ends there really work hard about 12-15 hrs of a day, they didnt had opportunity atleast to take rest on sundays,too. they used to wake up 4am in the morning everyday, and also there jobs includes several steps to get finished products. this makes them to do work compulsary.

    point:3 Some people really like there stream because they are much talented and love what they are doing from there childhood. but on the other hand the people who are struggling to do hardwork they usually had lack of interest on the stream. and this makes them to dislike there job

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