Talk About a Time when Your Computer Broke Down: Cue Card

Talk about a time when your computer broke down.

  • When it was?
  • What you were doing?
  • What did you think about it?
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample 1 Talk About a Time when Your Computer Broke Down

I had a very unfortunate incident with my computer breaking down during the COVID-19 pandemic when I had to work from home. When tragedy struck, I was in the middle of an overdue report typing away at my keyboard.

Suddenly, my screen went blank, and in my confusion, I spilt hot tea all over my keyboard. Everything was in total chaos after then, as I could not fathom how my report would get to my superior before the due date. Furthermore, my computer was my office during the pandemic; all I could think of were my official documents and other important files.

On settling down, I was able to think about the next possible solution. Thankfully, I remembered I also had my office email on my phone. This enabled me to inform my office of the problem at hand and to send in my report, albeit a bit late.


On the other hand, a few businesses were open, enabling me to call my technician, who asked me to bring it to his place. Eventually, the motherboard was saved, and all my documents were restored. It was a devastating experience, and I felt totally useless throughout the period I had no access to my computer. It was a good feeling when it was eventually fixed.

Sample 2 Talk About a Time when Your Computer Broke Down

I am very possessive with my things, but here I will talk about one incident when I faced a problem with my computer because, at that time, I was completed my assignments and on the very next day, I submitted it to my college, but unfortunately, my computer was not working properly there has a window issue.

This situation was very bad, and I was in trouble. Then I started watching YouTube and searching how to solve the window problem do various I did various activities.

Still, unfortunately, it totally stopped working, and then I went to a shop to repair the computer, but on that day, the shops were closed due to a national holiday. And this situation was like the elephant in the room because I was not discussing this issue with my family members.

So I decided to arrange the laptop, but I am not arranging the laptop because it is not a cup of tea for me, and no one gave me our laptop to use, so it was a very difficult situation when I was faced. And I decided to drop out because I had no solution to solve my problem. On the other hand side, I am not completing my task on time. And I got fewer marks in my practical subject.

Sample 3 Talk About a Time when Your Computer Broke Down

Well, computers are an integral part of human life. Here I would like to talk about a time when my computer broke down. I vividly remember last year when I started to learn about tally and some basic options of computers like Excel, which is also very important to learn.

I remember in the month of June when my siblings, who are younger than me, came to my home for the holidays, and they were very naughty. Apart from this, when I sat on my bed and tried to do something than on that time, my siblings came to me and played with me, but unfortunately, when we played, my laptop was left on the floor mistakenly.

And the screen of my laptop broke down, and I felt that it never got repaired again, and I started to cry. When I asked about this incident with my parents, they calmed down to me and asked me to get it repaired by a local shop, but it was very cold in the local shops.

After a few days, my friend calls me who lives in Delhi, and I told them about my situation, and he recommended that it could be easily repaired in Delhi so. After that, I visited Delhi and got it repaired for only just 6000. It was the best feeling that I could use my laptop again, so this was the situation when my laptop broke down.

Part 3 Questions Talk About a Time when Your Computer Broke Down

Question 1:- What do people use computers for?

Answer 1:- Computers were invented to make work easier for man. Therefore, for every activity that man can perform, computers will equally do them, for example, in education, science, medicine, entertainment, training, robotics, transport, navigation, communication etc.

Answer 2:- Individuals use the computer in various ways. I am talking about work. Horlicks person usually uses a computer to do work, and when I am talking about children, they use Smart Gadgets to search for new things, use Google this search for word meanings, or use the computer for their study purpose. And some of the students use laptops or computers to play games or increase contact with social media, like using Facebook or Instagram, and many more .they just use their personal computers to kill time.

Answer 3:- Being a student, I use the computer for my study, but sometimes, when I have leisure time, I utilize it by playing video games on it.

Question 2:- Should students be allowed to use computers at school?

Answer 1:- Yes, I think students should be encouraged to use computers as it will make learning easier. The world has become a global village with the aid of computers. Early exposure of students to this technological advancement will enable them to compete with their peers globally.

Answer 2:- Absolutely children should use the computer at school times because they do various activities at school they learn the computer technique because in we live in a modern era and most of the time we work on a computer like every task we record on a computer, for example, record data in an Excel sheet or a word that so he does various work in a short time, in fact, they it has to reduce the paper. So it is very important to allow computer at school and gives brief information on how to use gadget so that it is easy to understand and take a benefit fit in the future.

Answer 3:- Of course, students should allow using pc at school because in schools they can learn some new things about computers and teachers teach them about new options like Excel, word, notepad, painting and so on.

Question 3:- What do you think of people who are addicted to computers?

Answer 1:- Addiction to computers will be like every other addiction. I think of them as being incapable of controlling their excesses. I also think they lack the needed discipline to be in control of time. In essence, they are not good time managers because some other areas of their life that need attention as a result of the over-fixation on only computers may likely suffer. They are usually not vast in general knowledge since their addiction has streamlined their knowledge to only computers.

Answer 2:- According to my opinion. yes, people are easy to addict to computers because most of the time, they do work on a computer and never try to work manually. They just fully depend on a computer’s calculations, so people are not using their minds, And the growth of the mind is diminishing day by day. In fact, day search the things on Google without searching to without finding things in a dictionary, then we search for the words in the dictionary, new other words. Still, unfortunately, people just try to, so these are these activities people have to reduce their mental growth. And people think just a cup of tea.

Answer 3:- According to me many people are addicted towards computers because nowadays, everything is done with the help of computers, and it is easy to use. I think it is good, but it all depends on the person how to use a computer and its limits. Sometimes they face problems if they use more like eyesight, back problems and obesity.

Question 4:- Do you think computers make our life simpler or more complex?

Answer 1:- Computers have generally made our lives easier because they can accomplish a great number of tasks in a limited time. This, in turn, increases productivity. Computers can be found in every sector of the economy because they are more efficient, cleaner, and reduce waste.

Answer 2:- Yes, computers help to make life easier and simple because most of the work is done easily in seconds without any mistakes. In fact, it’s recorded for a long time and saved in a folder, so there is no issue with losing things like recording the student’s details and bank details, so it’s easier. Way additionally, it’s reducing the paper word or searching the things here and there.

Answer 3:- From my perspective, computers make individuals’ lives more relaxed because they save a lot of time and one can do their work anywhere.

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