Talk About a Traditional Object of Your Country | Latest Cue Card 2022

Talk about a traditional object of your country Or Talk about a traditional product of your country that you bought 

  • You should say:-

  • What is it?
  • How is it made?
  • When did you try it for the first time?
  • And explain Why do you like it?

Sample answer:- Talk about a traditional object of your country Or Talk about a traditional product of your country that you bought 

Intro :- 

Undoubtedly, preserving our own culture and tradition is extremely important because, in this way, we can connect with our roots and preserve our identity. Being an Indian, I feel blessed to have different cultures and traditions. Every state or territory has its own tradition and its significance.

What is it?

If I have to speak any particular traditional item of my country that is common and popular worldwide, then only one name comes to my mind that is “datun.”

Actually, datun is a local name. It’s like a traditional form of the modern-day toothbrush.

How is it made 

In fact, the process of making datun consumes less time or is low in cost. It is basically a natural product of a tree, most commonly neem, which also has a scientific name called the Indian lilac.

This product is shaped like a small stick from small branches of the neem tree and then stored in a dark or cool place at home for further use. Most people use it every morning to clean their mouth’s foul smell. Moreover, they chew it first, about 10 to 15 minutes before Spitting the Residue.

When I use?

If I recall my memory, I have been using that product since my childhood till now. I learned how to cut it properly and use it for better results from my great grandfather. my bad luck, now I have been settled in Big City, and it’s hard to find Neem trees surrounding my locality. Hence, now I ordered it from the online website Amazon and tried to use it a couple of times in a week.

Why you like?

In fact, there are a plethora of reasons why I like it. The first and foremost reason is this wood stick releases some water that has medical properties and keeps our gums and teeth strong and healthy. Apart from it, it is scientifically proven that those who use it regularly have a lessened chance of cavities.

Despite the use of an electric toothbrush , Datun is gaining popularity day by day not only in India but also in developed countries because of its traditional and medical significance.


All in all, this traditional product has its own importance, and still, people use it as they used it before.

Follow-ups:- Talk about a traditional object of your country Or Talk about a traditional product of your country that you bought 

Question 1:- Describe another traditional product from your country?

Answer – There are so many handicrafts that have now been produced in India. In fact, locals use the raw materials which are obtained from plants and trees, and then handicrafts are made. It is being widely used throughout the country. For instance, clay pots, tote bags, bamboo crafts, and so many.

Question 2:- What are the benefits of traditional products to locals?

Answer – The local craftsmanship is completely dependent on the traditional items which are manufactured and produced in India reliant on this occupation. The first benefit is, they easily get interact with their past time and also relate the value of that product .moreover, they have a good knowledge of these items, and it actually ensures that they also have a good living with this.

Question 3:- Do you think the government should help in the promotion of traditional products?

Answer – Yes, absolutely the government also takes the initiative to promote the traditional products in their country first of all which eventually increases the economy of the country, and many people like to adopt that product in their day to day life and also become these traditional products more popular from their expectations. Moreover, the government also needs to invest some kind of money in preserving these products for our upcoming generation because youngsters need to know the value of their past and also get engaged with their moral values and in a good manner.

Question 4:- Do you think because of globalization, countries are adopting each other’s traditions?

Answer – Yes, definitely according to my perspective. I think just because of globalization; countries are now free to adopt each other’s traditions and cultures in a positive way. In fact, we can see so many examples in our day-to-day life. For example, in India the majority of people now celebrate New Year, mother’s day, and Good Friday, which is a western tradition.

Question 5:- Why do people buy traditional products because of their traditional value or because they are handmade?

Answer – Well, some people buy it because of its traditional value. They believe that it helps to connect them with their roots and culture or past time. However, some people buy them because they’re handicraft items. They consider handmade items to be unique and more precious rather than machinery-made.

Question 6:- Did the traditional things of the past have more value than the present things?

Answer –Items that were manufactured in the past had a good quality because there was no adulteration or mixing of other materials into them .However, with the lack of resources nowadays, people are forced to do mixing with duplicate and make it with machinery to increase the sale.

Question 7:- Is it necessary to protect traditions?

Answer –Yes, without any devoutness, we need to protect traditional values for the upcoming generation because it has numerous knowledge which people need to interact with their past and also get in touch with their model’s values. Once they know the importance of the history of their nation and culture, it definitely becomes more innovative.

Question8:- Do you think teenagers should learn about traditions?

Answer –Teenagers must learn the value of traditional products because it is too vital for them because children already consider the future of every nation. Once they know the value of tradition, they become active and like to contribute to their efforts to explore various kinds of things and give attention to explore more in these deep products.

Second idea:-

  •  Bamboo craft 
  • Made with bamboo raw material- cut bamboo in different shapes- use it for various purposes –
  • Floor mat, table mat, curtain
  • Visit-Assam- bought bamboo bottle- alternative plastic bottle
  • Environment friendly
  • Low in cost
  • Attractive

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