Talk about an Intelligent Person You Know

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Talk about an Intelligent Person You Know

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • how you know this person
  • what this person does
  • and why you think this person is intelligent

Well, intelligent people are not only good in their academic programs but they are also able to handle personal issues effectively. Thus they have control over their emotions and don’t get hyper soon. So here I would like to speak about a person whom I consider intelligent. He is none other than my bosom friend and we have been in a very good relationship for many years. Now he has been working as a marketing executive in a multinational company and I have been appointed as a lecturer in a college.

I can say him intelligent because he has good mental faculties and whenever he participate in any competition then he came off flying colours and many times he helped me in my study to win any competition. I feel proud when he helped me in solving my personal issues as well. He never boasts about his learning because he’s a very down to earth person. All the members of my locality gratitude him for his intelligence. Because it has got possible only due to his intelligence that now there is a leisure park.

Earlier there was no park and nobody thought to raise their voice for having it. Every time it had been put off by the local council to build it; however, this time it turned into reality. My friend had a meeting with local authorities and he really argued well and made them feel the necessity of having a recreational park in my locality. All were speechless and he argued like a lawyer. So I consider this person intelligent. Moreover, he never hesitates to learn from others. He doesn’t believe in showcasing his knowledge. I think the person who is able to handle any situation calmly is able to win any competition as well as the hearts of others.

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Follow-Ups Talk about an Intelligent Person You Know

Question 1.Are most Smart People Happy? Do You Think So?

Answer – I don’t think so smart people are happy because happiness is a state of mind and it has nothing to do with clever nature. They are able to find different sources to make themselves happy but they lag behind in feeling it.

Question 2. Do You think People with Intellect are Selfish?

Answer – It varies from person to person. A few people can be selfish while others can’t be. But nowadays it can be seen that intelligent people know well to exploit others so due to paradigm shift intelligent people are very selfish in making use of others.

Question 3. Do You Agree that Smart People are Helpful?

Answer – Yes smart people are very helpful but in those conditions in which they seek their profit . They know well how to make a profit from situations. They know the tactics of making others befool. So they take advantage of their trait to earn profit.

Question 4. Who do you think plays a more important role in children’s education, parents or teachers? Why?

Answer – Well both have equal contributions in teaching a child because a child’s education starts from school and then he is prepared to get a formal education in a school. So if he gets a good score and learns ethical values then the contribution of teachers and parents is incomparable.

Question 5. What qualities do you think a good teacher should have?

Answer – A good teacher must have endurance, persuasion power as well a veteran in his or her field. The teacher must prepare the child to excel in the academic field as well as making him or her independent in making decisions so that in the later period of life he or she can balance their life well.

Question 6. How do teachers help children in their education?

Answer -Teachers can help a lot in the education of a child-like child can be made understand with the help of examples as well as learning in an easy way. Removing monotony among children regarding their study by introducing game lectures is beneficial on the part of teachers because children enjoy learning when they play.

Question 7. Why are some children more intelligent than others?

Answer – Some children are more intelligent than others because they have a good IQ level and they are sharp-minded. Moreover, they have good schooling and under the guidance of experienced teachers, they become intelligent.

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