Talk About Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done but You Haven’t

Talk about something interesting your friend has done, but you haven’t.

  • What is it?
  • When did your friend do it?
  • And explain why you want to do it?

Sample Answer of Talk About Something Interesting Your Friend Has Done but You Haven’t

Well, I have many friends who now and then try to do something adventurous and entertaining. Whenever we have a meeting sometimes at my home and sometimes at outdoor places. We usually talk about doing something interesting. So recently, when we met, one of my friends told me that he went to a hill station to do paragliding.

When I heard the word paragliding, I was really taken aback because I had acrophobia, so I took more interest in how he did it. Actually, he had taken time off from his company, and he went there for a week. He told me that when initially, he felt a jerk, he was quite nervous. But when he flew in the sky, he was over the moon. He felt as if he would be a bird.

So this flight in an open sky made him more confident as well as removed his fear. So I made a plan to do the same activity in the coming winter; when I am there, I would also remove my fear of height and reduce my stress by doing some other activities there. So this is the activity that my friend did and really inspired me to do in the coming winter.

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Question 1:- why some things are most interesting for a person?

Answer – Some things are more entertaining for others because they are interested in those as well as these attract them. Besides, these are attached with their past like some people used to do those activities in the past when they were a child. So when they confront the same interesting things in their adulthood, it is natural for them to be attracted towards them.

Question 2:- do your friends help you to fulfil your desires?

Answer – Yes, friends really help in fulfilling one’s desires. Because friends are a true motivator, they motivate their counterparts to work hard to achieve one’s goals. Besides, if people feel the need for money or any kind of help, then their friends are ready to help them. Nowadays, the people, who have become successful, have got success only because of a force behind them, and it is the company of their friends.

Question 3:- is it necessary to do certain things at the right time?

Answer – Yes, it is essential to do the right things at certain times. Because it is more connected with time, I can give the example of a child who has a great interest in dance. But, if they don’t learn how to dance at an early age, they can lose interest in later periods of life. So if he would start in the past, then definitely, there are chances of getting success in a concise period of time. So making a plan and executing it at the right time is necessary to avail the opportunity.

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