Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group.

Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group.

You should say:
What was it?
With whom you did it?
When you did it?
How did you feel about it?


From my childhood, I always yearned to be a good dancer. Maybe that passion made me participate in many dance competitions. I always used to participate as a single entry. However, during an interschool fest in my school days, we did a group dance that is still remembered as my best performance.


Dance is always said to be an art that everyone likes. It is synchronizing your body at the same time trying to have control over it. Group dance is a bit tough as its a collaboration of many people’s movements. We should sync and dance at the same rhythm and wavelength. Our school was selected for the city interschool dancing competition. Our dance teacher ave selected around 14 students from bot 9 and 10 grade.

So every day, we used to stay back after school for the rehearsals, and the song was supposed to dance for is a Rajasthani classical beat wit a mix of jugaad in it. As we all know, classical is always a hard nut to crack. We practiced the steps daily for ours to get the movements as per the song.

Finally, the day arrived .everyone was anxious at the same time tensed as it was a matter of school prestige and we are doing classical.but we gave a jaw-dropping performance. I was on cloud 9 when they announce our names as the winners, and it made my day full of.

After that incident, I came to know group dance was much more fun than a solo performance. Firstly, we can make a lot of friends. Secondly, we can learn new skills from other members. More importantly, it teaches us discipline and coordination.

This is the end of Speaking (Talk about something you enjoyed doing in a group.)

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