Talk About the Time when You Had to Sing a Song or A Poem in Front of The Public


Talk about the time when you had to sing a song or a poem in front of the public

  • Where were you,
  • What did you sing,
  • How did you feel

Music is a blend of classical and modern styles. Singing a song or a poem is a feeling of pride in front of individuals. People never feel daunting and apprehensive again in life. Here I am going to describe a time when I sang a song at my graduation. Actually, when I was in graduation, our HOD announced many activities, which included dancing, singing, anchoring, etcetera.

My friends and I have participated in a singing competition. I was really much awaited for that day. It was a huge event which was held under the supervision of the vice-chancellor, sir. Initially, I was apprehensive at the time of practice, but when I saw many students singing a song with a very confident and melodious voice, this made me motivated.

I sang a song by Karan Aujla. I didn’t feel uneasiness while singing. Everyone was very excited, and with an incessant sound, they were saying a song along with me, and this kind of josh made me pleasant and happy. The majority of the masses were clapping simultaneously. After singing a song, my friends and I ate some scrumptious food. After some time, HOD declared a result, and I got the first award in that competition. I deserve extra credit for my prestigious hard work. Altogether, I must say it was an indelible experience for us.

Part 3 Questions Talk About the Time when You Had to Sing a Song or A Poem in Front of The Public

Question 1. Do teenagers and adults enjoy the same kind of songs?

Yes, Both teenagers and youngsters enjoy similar kinds of songs but today’s youngsters are very much obsessed with jazz, pop music. They listen to these songs more. They are more allured towards it.

Question 2. On which occasions do people in your country sing together?

There are many occasions when people sing together like on marriage, birthdays and to celebrate their victory they sing together. In this way, they express their happiness and spend time with each other.

Question 3. Which kinds of songs are suitable for children? Why?

Children always prefer to listen to western songs, which enhance their linguistic knowledge. During this drive, they entertain a lot and also these songs which tell them about culture

Question 4. Do you often (like to) sing?

Yes, I always prefer to sing because if I sing a song, then definitely my talent will come in front of people, and it will encourage and motivate me. 

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