Nowadays Many Mothers Take Care of The Family and Don’t Go out To Work

Nowadays, many mothers take care of the family and don’t go out to work. Some people believe the government should give them salaries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Mother plays an indispensable role in a child’s caring. Without her, I guess it would be difficult to survive in life and hard to deal with society. So, she is the only one who always looks after the family as well as the offspring. Some argue that recognized authorities must provide the wages for those ladies who look after the family and don’t go out for a job. I completely disagree with this statement and will bolter my opinion in subsequent paragraphs.

To embark upon, there are several reasons behind why salary should not be given to women. First of all, it is worth considering that if the government provides wages to women, then a lot of pressure will be created not on the government but an entire nation will have to suffer one day. Others who are doing prestigious work at their jobs will definitely resign from their position to be stay-at-home mothers. Eventually, the government will end up paying all women to stay home. Apart from it, during this pathetic situation of coronavirus, everyone is struggling for a job. In this situation, government funds are also less as compared to previous years. So if the government will provide a free salary to women, then those working will have a burden and create resentment among other women.

Illustrating further, rather than directly paying to homemakers, various laws should be amended favoring working women, and workshops should be organized to teach them how to maintain a work-life balance. Moreover, the government should provide electrical appliances like automated washing machines, floor cleaners, etcetera so that they can complete their household chores on time and try to indulge completely in work because today’s century is much advanced and proliferation with new amendments. This will motivate and encourage them on both sides.

To conclude, Full opportunities shall be provided by higher authorities but not salary. If the government does this, it will create a high financial burden and discrimination among women who are working.

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