Talk About Your Favourite Day of the Week

Talk about your favourite day of the week; You should say:

  • what day is it?
  • What do you usually do on that day?
  • How is this day different to you from other days of the week?
  • And explain why this is your favourite day of the week?

Sample Answer of Talk About Your Favourite Day of the Week

Every day is unique for me. If I talk about a particular day in a week, then I will definitely say about Monday. Because it’s the first day of a week, and I remain full of beans. This is a very different day from other days because I remain busy performing my household duties and eagerly wait for the mock test that I get from one of my benefactors.

I usually consider that people have more fun and frolic at the weekends, but I consider Monday is a good day to start my work. I do a lot of activities like in the morning time, I do domestic chores as well as teach my baby, but in the evening time, I do my pending work related to my study. I like this day because it fills boundless energy to achieve my target.

In addition, if I talk about entertainment, then I get plenty of entertainment on this day. In the evening time, I watch cartoon shows on the Disney channel with my baby, which is telecast only on Monday, so I make myself rejuvenate by watching those cartoon shows. Besides, I make a resolution about what to do in a week, and for the above-mentioned reasons, I like this day very much.

Follow-ups Questions Talk about your favourite day of the week

Question 1:- Which day of the week do you like most?

Answer – I love Monday because it’s a beginning of a week, and it fills in me boundless energy to do work effectively either at home or at my workplace.

Question 2:- How can You enjoy Sunday at home?

Answer – I enjoy Sunday by watching television, washing clothes as well as making delicious food for my family members according to the choice. Sunday is a very busy day for me as all my family members remain at home, so I look after my family well.

Question 3:- What do families do on Sunday?

Answer – Families have great fun on Sunday, like going outside for a picnic, and sometimes they make a plan to go shopping, watching a movie, and the job holders who really like to stay at home and sleep more.

Question 4:- How do You enjoy the fun and enjoy life?

Answer – I enjoy a lot with my family by going outside, and sometimes I stay at home and organize a party for my family members. So each and every day in my life is not more than a festival because every day I make delicious food and we all family members do gossips with each other. In this way, I have great enjoyment with my family.

Question 5:- What do you think about the names of the days important in everyone’s life?

Answer – Yes, the names of the day are essential in people’s life. Some people like Monday because it’s a new day for them to make resolutions, and they strive hard to achieve their targets. While some like weekends are very important because, at weekends, they do their pending work as well as go outside for fun.

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