The Most Common Advantages and Disadvantages of Bowen Island


According to a survey of visitors, the pie charts below show the most common advantages and disadvantages of Bowen Island. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

the most common advantages and disadvantages of Bowen Island

The provided pie charts depict the proportional analysis of merits and demerits of an island, namely Bowen, as per the survey conducted on the visitors.

Although the exorbitant price of living in Bowen is the major challenge, the people and scenery make it a happy stay.

In terms of the disadvantages, half of the pie chart is constituted by the massive living costs, followed by entertainment, which accounts for 25%. The other cons include the weather and the quality of the food, which have recorded a discrepancy of 5%, covering 15% and one in ten of the graph, respectively.

As far as advantages are concerned, the people take a significant proportion, recorded as 42%. The scenery of the island also makes up a moderate contribution of more than a third. In contrast, smaller percentage shares are observed in good accommodation and culture, which have shown resemblance, 11% and 12% orderly.

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