Talk about a building that you admire

Talk about a building that you admire

Which building do you admire?

Where is it?

Why do you admire or like it?

Talk about a building that you admire

Sample 1:-

Well, I belong to a developing city of Punjab named “Moga” city. I have been residing there since my childhood. There are a number of places which I like such as shopping complexes, a supermarket, movie theatre and so on.


But here I would like to talk about a building which is my favorite place for shopping. I admire this building. This place is a shopping mall named “Vishal Mart” which is located in the heart of my hometown Moga. I describe it briefly.

Vishal Mart is a three-story building. On the ground floor, persons can purchase a variety of clothes, foot wears, kitchen stuff, packed food and so on. There are some guides who help the people to find out things as well as guides inform them about different schemes in shopping complex such as buy one get one free and so on.

Then, on the next floor, you can buy children stuff such as toys, clothes for babies, footwear, baby moisturizer, baby powder and so on. After it, on the further floor, there is a restaurant named “Domino’s” as well as some shops of eatable things such as chocolates, lollipops, candies and so on. Domino’s restaurant’s food service is very good.

Some times, I go there with my near and dear ones to have a meal on special occasions. I love to go there. Besides it, this restaurant’s guiding staff also delivers food to clients’ homes. The escalator facility is also available there.

Moreover, I go there for shopping on the weekend because on Sunday, I can easily purchase different things on a 50% discount.

All in all, It is my favorite place for shopping and I like its whole building. Whenever I have no need to do shopping then, I go there for just window shopping. I enjoy it so much.

Sample 2:-

Well, Today, I have to ask to speak about a building that I like the most. There are lots of famous buildings in my country and all over the world which is admirable due to their history, construction, etc. In my country India, there are also huge numbers of buildings which I like.

But Taj Mahal is my favorite building which is situated in Agra on the banks of the river Yamuna. This building is one of the most absolute constructional buildings in the world. It is the glorious building built of white marble. Mughal Emperor Shahjahan built it in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj. There were 20,000 workers put in their best efforts for 17 years to complete this wonder. The hands of the master builder were cut off after completion of the building so that he never made such a building again.

I first saw this wonder 5 years ago when I went on my school tour. I was wonder-struck to see the beauty in front of my eyes. The pyramids of Shahjahan and Mumtaz lie in the basement. I admire it because due to this building India became famous all over the world. I really feel proud to be part of such a beautiful country.

Talk about a building that you admire

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