Talk about a person who helped you at some point of time

Talk about a person who helped you at some point in time

You should say:

What was the situation?

Who is he?

How do you know him?

Talk about a person who helped you at some point in time

Sample 1:-

Well, I have received a number of things from my near and dear ones as presents. But here I would like to talk about a time when my grandfather helped me by giving me money as a birthday gift. I really wanted it at that time. This event made me highly elated. I explain it briefly.

About a couple of weeks ago, my parents had organized a birthday party on my 23rd birthday. It was a surprise party for me because they did not tell me about this party. On the day of my birthday, I passed my whole day as same as common days till evening time. Because at that time no one wished me for my birthday including my friends.

Perhaps, my mom included them in her plan for a surprise birthday party. I was feeling glooming for this behavior of my family members but I was astounded that they are doing something without informing me. Then, I was relaxing in my room, suddenly, my brother came and covered my eyes with his hands. He took me to the roof of my house.

After it, he said to me to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I saw that My parents as well as my some friends had organized a birthday party for me. I felt so astonished. They all wished me for my 23rd birthday. After it, I cut the cake and everybody who was at this event gave me presents. I thanked them.

Moreover, my grandfather gave me money, about 70 thousand rupees as a gift because he knew that I have need of a large amount of money to take admission in the computer course.

Firstly I denied it but my mother said to me to take it. Because my grandfather was giving it to me as his love. So, I accepted it.

Furthermore, I have taken admission in bachelor of computer application course with that money. All in all, this was the time when my grandfather helped me at a point.

Sample 2:-

Well! Today, I have to ask to speak about a person who helped me at some point in time in my life that could be a serious situation or a happier moment. In everyone’s life, there are lots of people from where he/she took help in any situation. Today I talk about a day 13 Feb 2017 which I can’t forget. On this day, I traveled from Chandigarh to Delhi to meet my friend. I was extremely excited to reach there.

And finally, I reached Delhi to my friend Ajaypal Singh’s house. He is really a polite and helping person. When I reached his home, I got a fever and started shivering due to the sudden heavy rain. He was getting worried about me and immediately called a doctor.

He found that I got some type of allergy which was largely spread in Delhi at that time. Due to that allergy, I couldn’t be able to come back so he took care and looked after me day night for a week. In that time, I got more respect and love in my heart for him.

He was our neighbor’s child. We both were a childhood friend. But in those days in 2017, I felt he was not only my friend, actually, but he also became my family. I was glad and felt blessed having a friend like him and pray to God that everyone should have like him.

Talk about a person who helped you at some point of time

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