Technology: Ielts Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions and Answers

Technology: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions And Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Technology: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions And Answers

Question 1. What technology do you often use, computers or cell phones?

Answer 1:- I use both types of technologies, and it also depends on whatever work I’m doing. If I’m doing it for learning purposes, I use computers, and if I’m doing it for entertainment or any other purpose, I use a cell phone.

Answer 2:- Okay, Usually, I spend my time on my smartphone to get news and chat with my friends and family, although I use it for studying in my field, and most of the time, I watch videos on social media as well as I am using it for forecasting. Not much, but I also like to click photos of mine.

Question 2. What electronic devices have you bought lately?

Answer 1:- I have many electronic gadgets. I bought earbuds recently because, in my IELTS exam, I have to do listening tests, so I didn’t have any earbuds on me, so I bought New earbuds for my listening practice.


Answer 2:- Well, I am a foodie, one of the foodie people in my family, and that’s why I bought an oven last month from Ahmedabad. Regularly, I like to eat hot food, so I used my own oven, which my father gifted me on my 10th birthday. So it was totally broken because of some circuit issues with it. Ultimately, I had to buy a new one instead of using the old one.

Question 3. Is there any technology you want to buy?

Answer 1:- There are many technological devices I want to buy, but at first, I wanted to buy a VR headset from Google because I’m very interested in virtual reality and augmented reality and because I’m also an IT engineering student.

Answer 2:– Yes, I like to wear a watch, and I am definitely possessive of different kinds of watches. Well, one of my desires is to get a watch of Apple products. And I wanna purchase it, but due to some financial problems, I haven’t been able to get that watch so far, even though I will be purchasing this watch in no time.

Question 4. Is technology important in your life?

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely, technologies are very important in my life because, without some technology, I can’t do any of my work, such as using the Internet, my cell phone, my laptop, and many more, and I am also addicted to them.

Answer 2:- Yes, As for as I know, today’s life is all about and depends on technology. Like we can’t survive our life without any electronic devices. Just take an example like laptops or mobile phones. So across the world now using mobile also a few people do business with technology, and they make more money. So yes, technology is obviously crucial in our life.

Question 5. Is there any technology you don’t like?

Answer 1:– Yes, there is one particular terminal technology that I don’t like: social media, because nowadays, many of my friends are very vintage with social media; they are always online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and nowadays, they are uploading many reels on Instagram.

Answer 2:– No, I don’t think so about avoiding any electronic devices. Because I am extremely possessive of the internet and make my life easier by utilizing digital devices. Honestly, I like to work on different things, and I have had got enough of using social media as well as tools.

Question 6. What do you think are the trends in technology today compared to when you were young?

Answer 1:– Yes, there is a big difference in the technologies between when I was young and now. When I was younger, I only had a kipped mobile phone; nowadays, every child has their own smartphone; and when we were kids, there was only one computer in our friend’s circle; now, every child has their own computer.

Answer 2:- Well, It wasn’t quite developed in my childhood. When I was a kid, I hadn’t seen any smartphones or Tv as well as keyless things as compared to the current era. Currently, smartphones changed a lot in this world, so In my thoughts, there are phones which are playing an important role in India.

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