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The Bar Chart Below Gives Information About Five Countries

The Bar Chart Below Gives Information About Five Countries

The bar chart below gives information about five countries’ spending habits of shopping on consumer goods in 2012. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer of The Bar Chart Below Gives Information About Five Countries Spending

The provided bar charts demonstrate four different countries, Belgium, Spain, Australia and Britain citizens spending amount on six different shopping habits in 2012, consumer good measured unit was thousand pounds string.

Overall, Britain people spend most ponds on given habits of shopping than other countries while Belgium people was on the least expect a couple of habits.

For Belgium, roughly 145 thousand pounds spent on console games, cameras, cosmetic and toy habits while 150 thousand pounds on outdoor games accessories. Cosmopolites and books consumer was 150 and 142 thousand pounds. For Britain, 156 thousand pounds was spent on console games and outer games accessories whereas, most spend on camera on account of 170 thousand, which is 3 thousand and 9 thousand pounds higher than spending on toys and books respectively, cosmetic had 160 thousand pounds.

For Austria, books, and toys consumer was 157 thousand pounds although for cosmetic and outdoor games accessories spent was around 142 thousand pound string. With 165 thousand pounds camera was on top of the table. Console games had 145 thousand pounds. For Spain, spending amount on toys, books, and camera was likely the same as Australia’s toys, 150 thousand pounds on console games. Outer games accessories and cosmetic consumption were the same with 154 thousand pounds string.

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