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Children Spend a Lot of Time Playing Computer Games

Children Spend a Lot of Time Playing Computer Games

Today many children spend a lot of time playing computer games and little time on sports. Why is it? Is it positive or negative development?

Sample Answer of Children Spend a Lot of Time Playing Computer Games

Unlike before, younger ones give more time to computer games nowadays than participating in physical sports because it is stress-free and accessible to several games on the internet. However, I believe that it is a wrong development among the children because it does not give room for physical practice and good body development.

In the first place, technology is fast taking over everything in the world’s whole nations, which is one reason children are doing away with physical involvement in sports. For instance, internet games require no stress before you play them. All you need is download it on your phones or laptops and begin to play it by pressing the device’s buttons or using a pad. Such games are car race, boxing, football, wrestling, etc. Furthermore, there is access to several sports events on the internet at the comfort of their homes, the reason they would not go to the pitch to search for any. For example, car racing is not a common sport; meanwhile, this is available in different forms on the computer.

On the other hand, physical involvement in sporting activities is very advantageous. It gives a chance for direct practices and good body development, unlike when you are just viewing it on your computer. For example, playing football with other colleagues on the field increases your confidence, unlike pressing the buttons on your device.

In conclusion, it is a destructive development for the little ones to concentrate more time on internet games than the sporting activities in the present days because it denies them physical training and bodybuilding. After all, they will not be as strong as those who exercise themselves always.

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