The bar chart shows the number of overseas students enrolled

The bar chart shows the number of overseas students enrolled in a third-year Computer Science course at a Canadian college.

Summarise the information by selecting and report in the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words

sample answer 1:


The bar chart illustrates the comparative statistics enrollment of two options in the computer science course offered by Canadian Universities, by male and female students of five countries. Each bar is demarcated in networking core options and database options of five counties for both genders.

paragraph 1:

Singapore bars show that the females are enrolled more for networking core rather than database core while the male’s shows reverse the trend.  Malaysia depicts the same model as of Singapore. On the other hand, the tendency remains the same for China also, but China differentiates from Singapore and Malaysia, from the highest numbers of students gets admitted into the course.

paragraph 2

Sri Lanka illustrates an entirely different pattern, as the number of male aspirants approximately double to the number of female students. If we look to the data of France, it surprisingly shows the minimum number of candidates who are willing to get admitted to the Canadian University, and also females are entirely enrolled in the data core option of the course


In summary, we concluded that the general trend of the bar chart illustrates that the female overseas students are more inclined towards the networking core option of the course. At the same time, the males are more interested in the data core option of the time.

sample answer 2:


The bar chart depicts how many international students joined at a Canadian college in the computer science course.


Form an overall perspective; several Chinese students were higher as compared to other nations’ students. On the other hand, students of  France were at least at a Canadian college.

paragraph 1:

At first glance, female students of Singapore, Malaysia, and China were more than male students of these countries. In terms of Chinese students, seven female students enrolled in the network core, whereas only 2 of them joined the database core option. However, several boys enrolled in the database core were 7, while one boy chose a networking core option. Regarding Malaysian students, girls who enrolled in network core were six times than the boys. In contrast, three boys joined the database core compared to only one girl.

paragraph 1:

Moving on further, the number of female Singaporean students was five times that of males who pursed database core options. The total girls of Sri Lanka were twice than of boys in a Canadian college, and the number of boys was eight and only four girls. It is surprising to see that all girls in France joined the database core option. Male students from France were two. One chose a networking option, and the other one in the database core.

This is the end of academic writing task 1: (The bar chart shows the number of overseas students enrolled in a third-year)

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