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The Best Way to Make the Road Transport of Goods Safer Is to Ask Drivers to Take a Driving Test Each Year

The Best Way to Make the Road Transport of Goods Safer Is to Ask Drivers to Take a Driving Test Each Year (1)

The best way to make the road transport of goods safer is to ask drivers to take a driving test each year. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 The Best Way to Make the Road Transport of Goods Safer Is to Ask Drivers to Take a Driving Test Each Year

It has been suggested that drivers should appear in driving tests annually to avoid accidents as well as to make the road safer for others. I completely agree with it as it will be a threat to truck drivers, who sometimes make licences by bribing the palm of the officers, and also, it will remind them of updated rules to drive on the road. They can also check whether they can drive on the road or not.

First off, annual driving tests assist in catching offenders who make fake licences by giving bribes to officers. They will keep in mind that every day is not a Sunday. The yearly driving test makes them alert to drive safely on the road. If they are good drivers, they will come off with flying colours. Thus, an annual driving test helps the government to give a licence to a real person. For instance, 80% of people make fake licences to avoid paying fees, spending one or two days until they clear the test. Thus they can be stopped doing this.

In addition, it will assist the masses, who sometimes, due to their experience, do not pay attention to new rules for driving on the road. Those people will also focus on current rules, and they can polish their skills. It is also a way of building confidence in them. They will keep themselves informed about the upgradation of rules and regulations. Thus, violating the rules will drastically decline. To exemplify, due to less usage of technology, some people who are not familiar with current rules are ignorant about them. If they appear annually, they can be well informed, and they will make road transport safer. Another example of it could be seen in the case of accidents when these drivers do not use lights or radiators, particularly when they park on the road. Thus they become the cause of many people’s death. Deep Sidhu’s accident was one of its examples.

In conclusion, it’s clear that operators should also appear again and again yearly to stop people making fake licences, who can take the life of walkers due to their inexperienced behaviour. In addition, it will help them become familiar with updated road rules, which are beneficial for safe driving.

Sample 2 The Best Way to Make the Road Transport of Goods Safer Is to Ask Drivers to Take a Driving Test Each Year

It is often argued that motorists should undergo a practical driving test every year for more efficient and effective transportation of goods by road. I partly agree that this is the most promising means of securing goods transportation. This essay will discuss other secure means, such as good road construction and mandatory routine medical check-ups.

Although, proponents suggest that drivers should go through routine driving tests to make the moving of goods safe. This stand to certify their professional competence. Other road commuters could be endangered if their eligibility is not properly certified. The mixture of both professional and unprofessional could be detrimental as it could result in recurrent road accidents. Furthermore, once each driver is aware of the regular scrutiny of certification, they may put on appropriate moral conduct before and during driving, leading to an extremely cautious attitude while in transit.

However, there are some other proposed viable ways of making road transport of goods safer; for example, the construction of good and quality roads and the inclusion of compulsory constant medical examination. These will abate the rate of any form of road accident. Most truck drivers also often engage in alcohol consumption, which could lead to an absolute disaster when driving, claiming lives and property; routine medical examination helps detect alcohol dependency among motorists, consequently making driving by road safe.

In conclusion, although taking a driving test each year is a good way of ensuring decent transit of goods as it helps to certify good drivers and regulate their characters, I suggest enforcing a valid medical examination and construction of quality roads should be considered important.

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