The Chart Below Shows the Expenditure on Three Categories Among

The chart below shows the expenditure on three categories among different age groups of residents in the UK in 2004.

The chart below shows the expenditure on three categories amongSummarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.

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The given bar charts reveal the percentage of citizen’s expenditure divided into three categories: foods and drink, restaurant and hotel, and entertainment among the different age groups in the UK in 2004.

Overall, after 60 years most expenditure was food and drinks as well as entertainment whereas, hotel and restaurant were on least. Age by age we can clearly see the rose for foods and drinks although, restaurant and hotel were fallen except 76.

For under 30, the percentage of foods and drinks and entertainment was roughly the same as 6 while for restaurant and hotel it was 14%. For 31 to 45 group, English people expenditure was above tenth on foods and drinks and restaurants and hotels, but 7% was on entertainment. Between 46 to 60 pages, 16% and 14% were for foods and entertainment, restaurant and hotel proportion was same as last mentioned groups.

The peak expenditure proportion was just below a quarter for entertainment and foods categories among above 61 ages. However, the lower was only 2% on restaurant and hotel for above 61, and below 75 ages additionally, A fifth had foods and restaurants. Above 75 groups, entertainment proportion was double that restaurant and hotel.

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    The column chart demonstrates the percentages of the time citizens from the UK spend on mentioned activities. The vertical axis reveals the proportion of total spending. Furthermore, the horizontal axis illustrates five groups of ages starting from under 30 years old to above 76-year-old.
    At first sight, it can be observed that groups aged 61-75 and above spend the most time in mentioned categories. In addition, those under their 30s spend the least time. Secondly, the graph represents the fact that there is a gradual rise in spending time between different age categories.
    As those under their 30s have less interest in spending time eating and drinking or even using entertainment amenities (above 5%) in later ages, the enthusiasm for such things escalates. For instance, the percentage of food and drink goes from approximately 5% to above 20% as the percentage of entertainment increased as well. The only exception is between above 76-year-olds, whose interest in entertainment declined significantly.
    Although the percentages for food and drink and entertainment grow slowly, the proportion for restaurants and hotels goes down gradually (only 1 or 2 percent), There is a rapid decrease among 61-75. On the other hand, this dip recovers and gets to 7% to 2%.

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