The Chart Shows Ways that Schoolchildren Get to School in Three Different Countries. AC Writing Task 1

The chart shows ways that schoolchildren get to school in three different countries.

The chart shows ways that schoolchildren get to school in three different countries.

The chart illustrates the various alternatives learners prefer to visit in school in three different nations.

Overall, it is immediately apparent from the chart that the Car was the highest mode of transport used by students for their school, while the school bus is also popular among the children they travel to visiting in a school in the USA.

In detail, the maximum number of students like to travel by Car for their school with shares at 40 in the USA, but in the UK this number get declined by one and total of 39 learners opted the bus transport for their journey. Following this, in Australia, this value gets decreased to 25. moreover, schoolbus also has a positive trend among the schoolchildren which accounted at 37 in the USA, and this trend turns into negative with shares at 24 in the UK but in Australia 31 children visiting in school by bus.

Furthermore, those students who prefer to go to school by bicycle and walk have the same amount of value at five in the USA. However, in Australia, eight children use a bike for their school. In the UK this number was reduced by 2. next, 19 of students visit the school by their feet in Australia. This ratio sink to 15 in the is interesting to note that the least number of students travel to school by other methods which ratio at six in Australia and four in both countries, the USA and UK.whilst, 11 several children preferred public transport in Australia. However, in the USA this number move down to nine.

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