The Charts Below Give Information About World Spending and Population

The Charts Below Give Information About World Spending and Population. Summarise the Information by Selecting and Reporting the Main Features, and Make Comparisons Where Relevant.

The charts below give information about world spending and population

The pie charts illustrate the data about global expenditure and how the world’s population is distributed. Data has been calibrated in percentage.

At first glance, it is crystal clear from the former chart that the most significant amounts are paid for food, which is almost a quarter of the world’s spending. As regards transport, the proportion of money spent is almost 20%, while housing also accounts for a considerable proportion. The last of the four is spent on clothing, which is merely 6%, and the remaining 40% of the expense is used on a variety of other items.

Proceeding further, according to the second chart, there is a significant difference between the population of Asia and that of other continents. Europe and America share similar percentages and contribute to roughly one-thirdone-thirdof the global population. In the case of Africa, Inhabitants form merely one-tenth of the total population.

Overall, the largest proportion of money in the world is allocated to food, while transport, housing and clothing are other important items. Moreover, the population of Asia is responsible for the largest group of individuals.

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