The Diagram Below Shows the Typical Stages of Consumer

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The diagram below shows the typical stages of consumer goods manufacturing, including the process by which information is fed back to earlier stages to enable adjustment. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the process shown.

The diagram below shows the typical stages of consumer goods manufacturingSample 1:-The Diagram Below Shows the Typical Stages of Consumer

The depicted figure reveals a pattern of product that passes through several phases until it is brought to market for sale. The item gets periodically verified for its quality. In the following passage, the stages will be unveiled in detail.

Initially, the raw material is assembled in the storage area along with the manufacturing elements. From thence, the planning of the product is confirmed along with the suitable design. Once the primary phase is completed, it must pass through five vital series, which can be first assembly and thereafter inspection. The next is followed by testing, but here, the design has to be verified by the production research unit.
Before the product is packed, it’s essential to carry out market research, and the production is commercialized in the media through whatever suitable means. This stage is carried out in parallel to each other. The sales receive the final product from the dispatch, which is finally sold to the customer.

Sample 2:-The Diagram Below Shows the Typical Stages of Consumer

The given flowchart illustrates the stages of manufacturing and process adjustment of the consumer’s goods.

Overall, the flowchart reveals that manufacturing is a complex process that is done in several stages, and information is sometimes fed back to earlier stages to make some adjustments.

Firstly, raw materials and other components are stored together, and production planning is done. Two major processes involve in the overall manufacturing process: one is the manufacturing process itself, and another one is the information feedback process with which the adjustment of the manufacturing is made.

After the product research, the design part is done, and this input is used in the product planning stage. After the production planning is complete, the assembly, inspection, testing, and packaging stages are done sequentially. Feedback from the testing phase is used in the design stage and leads back to the product planning stage.

Again, market research affects the design and advertising stages, and inputs from the market research stage are used in the packaging stage. The final two stages are dispatch and sales. The information flow stage gives feedback to other stages to refine and adjust the process.

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