The Diagram Details the Process of Producing Olive Oil: AC Writing Task 1

The diagram details the process of producing olive oil. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and making relevant comparisons.

The diagram details the process of producing olive oil.

The diagram illustrates the manufacturing of olive oil. Overall it is immediately apparent from the chart that there are a total of nine stages for the construction of olive oil, beginning with the harvesting and culminating in the storage tank.

In detail, this procedure firstly harvests the olive oil seeds from the trees and get collects them in a collection vat. The next stage is de leafing washing the seeds, and moving forward into Olive mil. In this process containing raw materials are put into the crushing machine and turned into Olive paste. Following this, the olive paste is moved to the next part, which is Malaxer, which gets heated up to 27°C. After that, it passes through the centrifugal press, which is connected into two parts.

Firstly the release of POMAC can be processed further at refining, which is carried by transportation to the factories. Last, it releases virgin oils, which are distributed into various parts. Moreover, in the first part, virgin oil is moved into decantation, which gets solids of water and is transferred into the storage tank. Furthermore, the second part of the process, the virgin oil, goes into a separation machine which removes the wastewater and is directly stored in a Storage tank.

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