The First Man to Walk on The Moon Said Space Exploration Was Going to Change Mankind’s Life: Writing Task 2

The first man to walk on the moon said space exploration was going to change mankind’s life. Some people argue that it made only a little change to our lives. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The initial invaders on the moon declared a statement that there are cumulative opportunities in space research in the coming future, and it will classically chance human life. However, opponents disagree with the statements, and they claim that no serious changes may not affect the individual’s life. In my opinion, there are attainable changes in space research, and they are borderless.

On the one hand, after years of studies, there are humongous changes that have happened in human life. At earlier ages, in these branches, people do not have an ample idea about this particular stream. In addition, they had nonsensical superstitious beliefs for the same. Science has proven that studies about the moon, galaxies, sun, stars, and other planets are a feasible stream, and people have gained more knowledge about this. Apart from this, it helped to understand weather conditions, atmosphere changes, life, and water availability on other planets. Very recently, electric automobile tycoons Tesla had travelled with a few people for space exploration. Maybe in the coming future, the tourism and hospitality industry may boom in this way.

On the other hand, space investigation may not provide any clout in a normal individual’s life. Even though it is undoubtedly true that 70% of normal individuals may not know about space studies and their pros and cons. The initial reason behind this is the mammoth expense. Secondly, it required rigorous practice and determination. Then only normal people can taste infinite life space. These are the utmost reasons to deter individuals for argued for exploration.

It is undoubtedly true that space exploration has delivered outstanding findings and innovations in the modern era. I strongly support that it can be made a massive change in the realm of telecom, aviation, and research in the coming future.

In conclusion, along with a few cons, there are notable advantages in the realm of space studies. Individuals cannot predict what will happen in the coming future, but it is undeniable that what mankind has in day-to-day life is the total outcome of initial research.

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