The Flowchart Below Shows the Process Involved in Completing the Work Experience Requirement

The flowchart below shows the process involved in completing the work experience requirement for university students. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The flowchart below shows the process involved in completing the work experience requirement for university students

The presented flow chart enumerates the stages indulged in completing the work experience requirement for the university scholars. The six steps are Application, Approval, Schedule, Reports, Evaluation, and Final report, which they can be awarded after completion.

All in all, it is evident that the students have to complete their six-step process to acquire credits before the spring term. Meanwhile, trainees have to work based on their schedules to finish the target in an efficient way.

To commence with, the initial step is Application, where students must select workplaces based on the list, arrange interviews, and submit the Application. The second step is approval, in which an acceptance letter must be received first, and then the epistle has to offer to the concerned faculty. Additionally, students have to schedule to work for minimum hours for almost 20 weeks.

Furthermore, the reports must be submitted to the professor every Friday in a complete weekly report form. Plus, during the final worksheet, students have to enrol in an evaluation meeting with the work supervisor. Whilst, the supervisor submits the evaluation form.

Last but not least, the final report. The students have a deadline to submit the final report form before the spring term. Although, after completion of all the stages, students acquire the work experience requirement credits.

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