The Graph Below Shows the Fishing Industry in A European Country According to Four Indicators

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The graph below shows the fishing industry in a European country according to four indicators. Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and making comparisons where relevant.

The graph below shows the fishing industry in a European country according to four indicators

The given table illustrates the data of big-scale industrial ships and small-scale fishing boats involved in the European fishing industry. It is fascinating to see that the number of employees in small-scale fishing boats is far higher than in big-scale industrial ships but has a lesser catch than that of the big-scale industrial ship.

The total number of employees in a big-scale ship is 500,000, which is very less as compared to 120,000,000 that of small that of the small scale fishing boat. The annual catch from the big ship is nearly 29 million tonnes, while the small-scale boat has 24 million tonnes. The catch for the industrial process is a marker near 22 million tonnes, whereas the small fishing boat has no catch.

The annual pay for each employee on a big scale ship is about 25000-350,000 £ as compared to small scale ship which is at 200-300£. Annual consumption for each big vessel is 65000 gallons, whereas that for each small vessel is 8500 gallons.

It can be seen that small ships require more manpower to catch a small amount of fish but overall have a lesser financial cost and fuel requirement as compared to the bigger ones.

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