The Limited Budgets of Governments, Especially Those in Developing Countries,

The limited budgets of governments, especially those in developing countries, are better spent on health and education than on employment-generating projects. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

In today’s situation at the world level, health and education are more important than other basic things. I totally agree with the given statement that government take some budget for health and education levels which will help to develop the nation.

To begin with, every developed nation has to fulfil the basic need of the people who live in their nation. Even the administration sets every year budget for health as well as education which are important for each and every citizen. If they feel fit and fine, then each one completes work on time with happiness without any health issues. To illustrate, the Indian government has set a limited budget for the annual period regarding health by which the easily faces corona pandemic situation with the minimum loss their citizen.

Moving further, the government spend income on an education system that directly improves a country as well as economic level for a long period of time. The educated person is more skilled in the workforce, and they innovate their idea on projects and productivity. For example, Japan and South Korea have more investment in their income in educational level by which large proportion of public by their education system to work in international companies although they sport to the nation by earning income.

In conclusion, education and health is the main problem that every nation face, and administers has set their budget on them, which help to face their future problem. Additionally, the nation is ready to face the situation more increasing education in the economy by which very educated people earn their income and give their contribution to the country.

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