You Are Working at A Big Company with Almost 500 Employees

You are working at a big company with almost 500 employees. Write a letter to your manager to recommend opening a cafeteria at work. In the letter, you should tell:

  • why is it required to?
  • give recommendations on how and where to do it?
  • explain why it would be beneficial to all workers?

Dear sir,

I have been in the billing department in our organisation for the last five years. I am writing this letter to show my concern about the good benefit of our company with the help of cafeteria area.

As we all are aware that there are more than 500 people working under one roof in different shifts. But the major problem arises at the time of lunch and dinner break. There are many people who take benefit of non-avibily of canteen as they miss use the time and some feel trouble as they do not have a proper place to eat and their many people who interpret in this time. So if we create an area where we can sit and have our food with a time limit of half n hour, we can save time and increase our productivity as well.

We can build this area near the parking. Our parking area is so big that if take a bit of space this will not affect our parking. The main reason for this is we can create a good environment and staff will feel happy, so they increase the productivity.

I hope you will take my suggestion.

Yours faithfully

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