The Manager at The Company You Work for Is Going to Retire Next Month: GT Writing Task 1

The manager at the company you work for is going to retire next month. The manager’s assistant has invited some suggestions about what kind of event they should do to say goodbye to him. Write a letter to your manager’s assistant. In your letter,

  • say what kind of event you have in your mind
  • mention why you liked him/her as a manager
  • what kind of present can be given to your manager

Dear Linda,

I am writing in response to your request asking for suggestions about the farewell event you are planning for Mr Smith, who is leaving the organization soon. As he was renowned in his department, it would be a great idea to bid him farewell by organizing a small party and including his colleagues from the department, keeping his preference in mind.

Mr Smith is an inspiration not only to me but also to all our colleagues. I have always adored him for his honesty, work-oriented skills, and dedication to his work. Also, it would be nice to give an elaborate speech about his life and career and the good things he has done for the company.

We should also make some collection by making a small contribution on everyone’s part so that we could buy a nice gift for him. I think a decent executive wristwatch would be perfect for this occasion. Also, we should gift him a moment that he would love to keep with him.

Given all the things Mr Smith has done for us over all these years, let us make this farewell event a memorable one for him as well as for us.

Yours Sincerely,

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