The Maps Below Show a Science Park in 2008 and The Same Park Today

The maps below show a science park in 2008 and the same park today. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The maps below show a science park in 2008 and the same park today

The yielded two maps illustrate the science park look in 2008 and how it looks presently.

Overall, it can be clearly seen that after advancement place has more amenities and department.

In 2008, the northeast corner had cyber security places. On the west direction of it was the IT centre while on the north-west had a car park. Both are connected to cyber security by road, moreover, in the centre of had business units. Grassland was on the north side of it while woodland was on the south. The office and reception were next to each other and was on the north side. Forgoing other place had road, one railway was on the south.

Currently, road and railway track remain same although, made few changes. Alongside road new cycle path built, new bus stop also now in the east corner road. The innovative centre takes the place of the IT centre. The area was of cyber security now big it also cover grassland and woodland space. The new station takes place on the south railway track. Business units and officers areas are unchanged. In the past, car parking shape now shapes. Furthermore, In the northwest corner, a new university hub was developed, which use for research and development—this department is joint with the office.

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