The Movement of People from Villages to Cities for Work Can Cause Serious Problems

The movement of people from villages to cities for work can cause serious problems in both places. What are the serious problems associated with this? What measures can be taken to solve these problems?

In recent times, it is often observed that people from the countryside have started resettling in cities in quest of a better life. Even though this has provided some respite for rural dwellers, it has created dire consequences for both sides. This essay will state the problems generated with this relocation and present the solutions to overcome this difficult situation.

To begin with, when people migrate from rural areas to urban places searching for work, the most evident problem in cities is the rise in population, which could probably raise workplace competitiveness due to the availability of multiple alternatives. For instance, when there are myriads of people looking for jobs, then to fulfil one vacancy, companies will have many options, which could elevate the competition’s level. In villages, this populace movement would cause a grave shortage in labour, which ultimately affects their daily needs and financial system.

However, with the help of government and local authoritative bodies, this migration could be stopped. One of the main reasons for relocating to modern places is to achieve a better quality of life, which is provided at the same place by funding local factories and establishing new institutions that create a sufficient number of jobs for the native people. To illustrate this, if the government starts providing finances to those businesses unable to manage by themselves, this will make them self-sufficient and cease this migration. Furthermore, setting up new companies in villages would also give an impetus to their economy.

To conclude, although the exodus of people from small towns to metropolis is causing severe problems at both places in terms of raising the level of competition in urban areas and creating a scarcity of workers in rural areas, this could come to an end by furnishing them with plenty of jobs and better amenities.

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