The Movement of People from Villages to Cities for Work

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The movement of people from villages to cities for work can cause serious problems in both places. What are the serious problems associated with this? What measures can be taken to solve these problems?

Sample Answer:-The Movement of People from Villages to Cities for Work

It is true that individuals are moving from rural to urban areas in search of a job. While there are various migration challenges, including unemployment and lack of basic amenities, some steps can be taken to tackle these problems.

To begin with, the movement of people to the cities leads to reduced employment opportunities. There may not be enough jobs to accommodate the influx of migrants. Also, people have difficulty securing suitable jobs. They lack the skills and knowledge that align with the urban job market. Therefore, more citizens migrate to the capital, which will lead to fewer job possibilities. Moreover, there will be a lack of basic amenities in the rural areas. The sudden decrease in population can strain social services like the health care system. The government will no longer pay attention or allocate revenue for the development of the countryside. Thereby negatively impacting their well-being. For instance, recent research by the United nation states that 95% of the rural population died as a result of cancer since there is no standard hospital where chemotherapy can be done.

Furthermore, some measures can be set in order to curb these difficulties; the governing body should establish more industries to generate more job opportunities; likewise, they should enhance skills development programs and vocational training to equip individuals with the necessary skills needed to secure a job in the metropolis. Also, the ruling bodies can focus more on providing essential services for people living in rural areas by allocating a particular sum of money to boost the system. For example, An African country president ensures free medical checkups once every three months for residents residing in the countryside. Thus, the government can find a way to create jobs and pay attention to the village areas.

In conclusion, there are alarming repercussions to the movement of people from a small town to a metropolis, including a lack of jobs and basic amenities; however, to fix this situation, the government should create empowerment and allocate resources to the residents.

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