The Percentage of People Using Various Mobile Phone Features: Ac Writing Task 1

The percentage of people using various mobile phone features. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The percentage of people using various mobile phone features. 

The tabular chart illustrates the proportion of several mobile characteristics which are utilized by the individuals in their daily routine.

Overall it is immediately apparent from the chart the making calls feature was the most popular among the individuals at the placed highest number while searching the Internet and record video had no data about the usage in 2006.

Begin with, there were a maximum number of people using their phone for making calls with shares at hundred per cent in 2006, and this amount remained same after two years, but a small declination observed by 1% in 2010. Moreover, the lineament of taking photos by the mobile holders used at 66% in 2006 and this trend surged by 5% after two years. Following this, this value again sored at 76% in last year. Furthermore, those individuals who used their devices for the Internet and recorded the videos had no data in the beginning stage, but this trend got back on track with shares at 41% of people searching the Internet in 2008, and this amount steadily fairly skyrocketed to 73% after two years, on the other side, 9% of people recorded videos in phones in 2008, and this number took sharp inclination and hiked by 24% after two years.

Therefore, 73% of people used the services of text messages in 2006, and this value got inclined by 7% after four years. It is interesting to note that in 2006, 70% and 12% of users used the feature of games and music but after two years 42% of people played games on their mobile phones and got declined by 1% in the final year.

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