The Process Shows Diamonds Moving from The Mine to The Retailer: AC Writing Task 1

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The process shows diamonds moving from the mine to the retailer. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and making relevant comparisons.

The process shows diamonds moving from the mine to the retailer.

The diagram illustrated the manufacturing of the precious stone diamond from the mines and distributed in the market through a sale. Overall, it is immediately apparent from the chart that there are a total of 14 steps to make the shape of a diamond beginning with a mined material and culminating in the sent to retailers.

In detail, in the first step, the raw material of diamonds take out from the caves via mined forces and sorted into two parts. Next, rough diamonds are selected into two categories of low and high grades; following this, and low-grade raw diamonds are used for industrial purposes. After that, diamonds are cut into pieces and given a shape, then move forward into the next process, which is testing and checking the hardness of the diamond. After doing the quality check and figuring out the prices and varies in the hardness of jewellery. In the final stage, selecting the material is sent to the retailer for sale.

Furthermore, high-grade diamonds are used for fashion and cosmetic purposes. After that, finalise the prices of diamonds and process to the next stage, in which the pieces of diamond are analysed by a computer and sorted for the best shape And cut. The next is divided into two-stage. First, the pieces of diamond are cut by hand, and others use the machine for cutting, then moved to another party is polishing after the polishing the final piece of diamond and gives a rating according to quality so in the final part it’s ready material sent to the retailer.

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