The Relationship They Have With Their Parents

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Over time, as children grow older, the relationship they have with their parent’s changes. In your opinion, what role should parents have in their adult children’s lives? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

There are many relations that humankind shares on this planet and the parent-child relationship is best among them. But, with changing lifestyles, this bond is getting affected day by day. Today, youngsters want more freedom and want to make their own decisions. So many are of the view that it is the prime duty of the guardians to support and help their young ones in this stage of life. This essay will discuss the role of parents and how the elders can reinforce their future.

There are many aesthetic reasons to support the viewpoint. The primary one is that the family connection has understanding which can make every life path more comfortable and easy to pass. In other words, parents are the ones who help in making the child know the harsh reality of life as they have experience and knowledge to share and advise. To cite an example, a child always looks up to his/her father to have inspiration in life. So being a parent, it is the duty to build trust and support. Thus, families need to provide space to the young ones by accepting their choices and options.

Moving ahead, the secondary reason is stressful responsibilities of life which make adulthood life harder to live and pursue. So, parents are the ones who can assist them emotionally and mentally. The birth givers can better comfort their juveniles and provide appropriate values and ethics to survive in this world. In short, though a child in the adult stage of life wants his freedom, parents can still aid the child with a needful set of attributes.

To conclude, although giving space to young adults is a new trend in the world, children always want their parents to help them in every sphere of life.

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