Write a Letter to a Friend Asking for His/Her Help to Make a Website

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Write a letter to a friend asking for his/her help to make a website. In your letter, you should:
Describe what kind of website you want
Say when you want the website to be done
Explain how important the website is to you.

Sample Answer of Write a Letter to a Friend Asking for His/Her Help to Make a Website

Hello, tina,

I hope you are in high spirits. Really felt delighted with the news that you got a new opportunity in a foreign nation as a software engineer. I wish you good luck in your future. The purpose of my writing is to ask for help from you. I recently planned to run an online coaching class for MBA candidates in this time of the pandemic, and I want a website to interact with the learners…

You know I hardly have any knowledge in this field, and also, being a management student, I never showed interest in learning these database structures. But now I am in urgent need of a web portal for students to log in and get the material from the internet. The website should be simple and easily accessible by the candidates at any point in time. I was hoping you could make this happen as soon as possible as I want to start the classes.

Through this web portal, I will be able to reach many MBA aspirants and can provide them useful data for their preparation. I am getting many inquiries, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic, I am not able to reach the students. So with this source, many can hopefully reach the ladder of success.

Hope to see you soon and remain in touch.

Yours truly,
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