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The Table Below Shows the Amount of Waste Production: AC Writing Task

The Table Below Shows the Amount of Waste Production AC Writing Task

The table below shows the amount of waste production (in millions of tonnes) in six different countries over a twenty-year period. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Sample 1 The Table Below Shows the Amount of Waste Production

The given table illustrates the amount of trash produced in six different countries, including Ireland, Japan, and Korea, in 1980, 1990, and 2000. The unit is measured in millions of tons.

Overall, it can be seen that the amount of rubbish continuously increased in Ireland, Japan, Poland, Portugal, and the US, while Korea was the only country that reduced waste during the given time period.

From the table, in 1980, Ireland produced 0.6 million tons of waste, which was the lowest among all the regions. This amount increased over 20 years, reaching 5 million tons in 2000. In 1980, Japan produced 28 million tons, which rose by 4 million tons in the next ten years, and by 2000, the total reached 53 million tons.

The US generated 131 million tons of waste in 1980, which increased to 192 million tons after ten years. Korea was the only country that generated 31 million tons in 1990, and by 2000, it had reduced waste by 12 million tons, stabilizing at 19 million tons. In 1980, Portugal and Poland produced 2 and 4 million tons, respectively, and these figures also increased, reaching 5 million tons and above.

Sample 2 The Table Below Shows the Amount of Waste Production

Here the table enumerates the information on production waste in six different countries over the period of twenty years. The measurement of the waste product was in millions of tonnes.

Overall, it can be seen that wastage in production was gained over two decades in all six countries, baring nation Korea.

At a fleeting glance, there were two countries that did not produce rubbish in the years 1980 and 1990, which are Korea and Ireland correspondingly. It can be reported that in Ireland there was a minimal amount of production wastage whilst in the US the highest wastage of production can be observed in 1980. While in the year 1990, Portugal took place for the minimum, and the US was still at the maximum production waste.

Furthermore, it can be notable that in 2000, the waste of production increased over the years and the US stayed on the higher side whereas Ireland and Portugal were on the lower side of producing garbage whereas other countries also had their contribution to wastage but with compare to the US it was negligible.

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