The Table Shows the Number of People in Canada at Each Earning Level: AC Writing Task 1

The table shows the number of people in Canada at each earning level.

The table shows the number of people in Canada at each earning level.

The chart illustrates the total income gross of a Canadian citizen for four years.

Overall it is immediately apparent from the chart that the ratio of earning Canadian individuals was highest in total all income groups, which had a positive trend in 40 years, while the smallest income bracket of the people who lived in Canada was over $1,50,000.

In detail, all income groups were the highest and income bracket in Canada which included at 23, 7,15,660 people in 2005 and this ratio surged add 24,4,69,250 in 2006, but after one year a slight declination Was observed by a nearby two lakh and finally hits its peak at 24,9,24,250 in 2009. Moreover, the earning level between 20,000 and less had a downward trend with shares at 9,7,92,315 in the initial year, and this number plummeted to 7,033,990 after two years and significantly declined to 6,966,060 in 2008. Surprisingly, a group of Canadian residents surged to 75,075,270 in 2009 and had $20,000 earning in the final year.

Furthermore, in 2005, around 89106,970 people had income gross between $20,000 and $50,000 in Canada and this amount steadily fairly spiked to 9667540. Unfortunately, this number plunged to nine03,90,013 the final year. It is interesting to note that the income group between 1 to $50,000 and one lakh dollar which people earned at 4672200 in Canada in 2005 and this amount gradually skyrocketed by three lakh after one year and its hit the barrier at approximately 80,000 in 2009.

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