Describe Someone’s Love Marriage Story: Recent Speaking Cue Card

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Describe someone’s love marriage story

  • Who’s story is this?
  • When and how do you know about it?
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample 1 Describe Someone’s Love Marriage Story

Love stories which I have seen in my life and today I want to talk about an inspirational from an arranged marriage to read beautiful it is none other than my sisters so much boyfriend waiting for and then they decided to tie a knot, so a one day with all of which your first meeting in a Cafeteria, and we were discussing a personal and professional life. Out of the blue, they were close to each other, and I was dubious about what was going on between them. So I decided to ask what was exactly going on that day. They spilt the beans and stated that they had been dating for more than five years. It was a shock. Because I thought they were really good friends and out of the blue they came and said that they were dating, it was quite unrealistic and unbelievable after three years they decided to inform their parents that their love story can’t convince them. My parents did not accept their relationship, which it easily takes to convince every person in my family. After a few months of communication and conversation, my parents finally agreed to their wedding. I would say that the love story is captivating, and I was on Cloud Nine when they got married in the factory, clicked so many photos and uploaded them on social media, I would say.

Sample 2 Describe Someone’s Love Marriage Story

Well, love stories are quite popular in my country and worldwide. I think it is a part of our life. A lot of Couple like to live in the relationship first and take a mind map to get enrolled in marriage because so many people want to start a new chapter of their life, so I think the love story is a perfect choice of the people to become a together. Here I would like to talk about a love story which I found very interesting even one of my friends Rahul who lives in Canada, is my best friend. He also shared everything with me. We also do a lot of phone calls over the night, and we share pictures and even jokes over social media. I remember vividly how he shared his issues with me last year, and I made a huge contribution to getting together both the Couple. Even though I tried my best apart from one of the girls whose name is Shikha, even though they had lived in a love relationship for the past five years even, they also faced a lot of obstacles and problems in their life because both families did not agree with the idea love story so then tried every best way to get together and get interact with the marriage apart from that they both lives in I Canada and last year I got the marriage invitation. I felt over the moon even though I was winder stuck and asked myself how this could be possible even I got a phone call from my friend who even initiated and cleared everything to me about how there are parents got agreed and get ready for marriage. Even I felt over the moon apart. I observed his story is fascinating because he lived around four years in a distance relationship, so that kind of a distance he faced so finally they made a mind map to get a marriage even he also posted a lot of pictures over social media and also went for a destination for his vacation even. Even I organised all the marriage plans in my country because he came back to India and made a plan to get married in his home country. Apart from that, I organised all the decorations for the marriage. Even I made a poster of both the couples with their names, and all the decoration was done with imported flowers. I also bought a small gift for my best friend. I know that this gift would be very precious for him even. I was thrilled to see that Couple even when they came back from Canada. He also shared all the scenarios and problems he faced after he was going to get in rolled into a marriage, so that is a love story I found very interesting.

Part 3 Questions Describe Someone’s Love Marriage Story

Question 1:- Do you often attend weddings?

Answer 1:- Not really I used to attend weddings before lockdown; however, due to the restrictions, I am not attending weddings that I used to prepare for the pre-pandemic stages. Nowadays, most of the weddings Zara telecasted online, so I would just attend them by watching them on YouTube.

Answer 1:- Yes, I love to attend a marriage in my day-to-day life even though it’s my favourite part because I want to get ready according to my desires. Even I have a lot of wedding clothes which enhance my personality even another factor is that I like to try various kinds of dishes over there and I love the ambience of the wedding, so it’s my favourite thing in my life.

Question 2:- What wedding gifts are popular in your country

Answer 1:- In my country, most of the people believe that it is better to give work types of spiritual day tees and they what is the best way to start a new relationship it also creates a positive environment and this is the most valuable present which is given in India.

Answer 1:- There are lots of wedding gifts that are kind of popular in my country, and many people like to give a gift at the wedding ceremony even people like to gift clothes, shoes what is the scenery and portrait even these gifts are too important for them and also prove their bonding between them. So I think wedding games are crucial in a wedding we need to express our feelings with the gifts.

Question 3:- What do you think is the perfect age for marriage?

Answer 1:- When the perfect age to get married depends upon one’s perspective. Suppose a person wants to get married immediately after college. In that case, they can go ahead with on the contrary, if a person wants to focus on their career and their duck their professional life, then they can wait until they are ready, and only that they can get married so overall, I would say that it is one’s interest to.

Answer 1:- I think it varies upon the people’s situation so I think the perfect age for marriage could be 26 to 27 so I believe in this age people will get well settled and also manage all the expenditures and also realise their responsibilities. So I think marriage is not a kind of a joke even is a very big burden on people to take the responsibility to manage all the assets of life.

Question 4:- Are people celebrating in the same ways?

Answer 1:- Not really I will remember that my grandmother used to say that her wedding was wedding rituals were performed for more than five days and the entire people who decided and how will it attended the wedding on most of the people celebrated or attended wedding only for one or two days and the entire family members also latest want to call Their near and dear ones and celebrate it in a simple

Answer 1:- Yes, many people like to celebrate that situation the same way some people like to dance on the dance floor, and many organise a performance that enhances the wedding ceremony. So people also spend their time with great zeal and enthusiasm, so I think a wedding is one of the most wonderful places for people to celebrate their enjoyment.

Question 5:- Why it is essential to spend a lot on birthdays and weddings?

Answer 1:- I think I’d consider that birthday send weddings to happen only once in a blue moon and they want to have a good bonding with their family members and friends baby this is the reason why people spend enormous amounts on the celebrations aadarsh another Express Pessimistic reason as they want to show off their status to the other members of their community and this is also the other aspect why people want to throw celebrations.

Answer 1:- Yes, I think both ceremonies must importantly listen to the people. I think a birthday could be a more celebrate in their life because on that day that person arrives in this era, so many people like to organise a small, and large birthday party according to their budget, so people like to make a time to remember for from that wedding play a significant role in national of the people because on that day in two-person enrolled in our marriage and the like to spend a lot of money to organise a ceremony which people like to come and express their feelings.

Question 6:- How do you think past and present celebrations are different?

Answer 1:- The mentioned earlier previously, most people were fascinated by celebrations, but nowadays, because of the swamp and hectic schedules, people are unable to celebrate for so many days data crucial for people to celebrate and spend time with their friends and family members as they used to do it in our previous generation.

Answer 1:- Nowadays festivals tend to be very big even if they start small they usually grow into events of thousands of people whereas in the past festivals were generally more local affairs held in the community, so they were much smaller so apart from that in the term of a past people did not get familiar in any occasion because they always organised a small location which not invited the immense people over there, but in this modern era many people want to express their feelings and gives an invitation to an abundance of people to celebrate that assume enjoyment with them.

Question 7:- Why it is considered a waste of money?

Answer 1:- I am concerned throwing huge amounts on such weddings is a waste of time and money because the spending millions of amount for just a one-day celebration and after that it is completely banished and no one remembers what has happened that day I would say rather than spending so much the same amount can be contributed to some charities or old age homes and at least those underprivileged people will be benefited from the forms which we give.

Answer 1:- So many people also deem that spending their money on a wedding could be a waste of money because they don’t like to spend their money on that locations to save and spend all their savings on a wedding at the same time so I think this situation which people are in favour of to celebrate their wedding summary with anyone else but some people don’t like to celebrate that event with the people and don’t want to spend any amount on ceremonies.

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