There Are Areas of Land that Are Used as Parks: Writing Task 2

In many cities, there are areas of land that are used as parks. With increasing population levels, these areas would be better used to provide more housing. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 There Are Areas of Land that Are Used as Parks

It is irrefutable that vast acres of land are occupied by parks in copious cosmopolitan cities. It is typically believed that these areas can be utilized for residential purposes to construct gated communities and skyscrapers due to the substantial rise of the human population. Personally, I vehemently disaccord with the given assertion, and I will explicate my stance in the forthcoming paragraphs with credible illustrations.

Scrutinizing the given assertion and elaborating further, parks play a crucial part in our everyday lives. People widely utilize them for their regular physical activities. To exemplify, senior citizens prefer walking, jogging, and yoga in such spaces. In a similar fashion, there are numerous fun activities for children, such as swings, see-saws, ladders and a merry-go-round. Kids can have loads of entertainment by spending time playing on these rides along with their companions. Subsequently, youngsters prefer to play various sports like cricket, football and badminton to rejuvenate, energize and relieve stress from hectic workloads. Hence, parks are effectively used by the public to maintain an appropriate physical regime, and these kinds of activities will plummet if such areas are demolished.

Probing ahead, parks inhabit diverse varieties of flora. Multiple trees are planted in these lands with the intention of reducing the adverse effects produced by pollution by controlling noise, purifying the air and raising the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. Subsequently, the air becomes tremendously poisonous by the massive usage of automobiles and industries, which release toxic gases into the environment. Destroying flora gradually leads to a plethora of health problems that might turn carcinogenic in the near future. Thus, gardens are pivotal for maintaining a balance in the atmosphere as there is a wide range of trees and plants.

Considering that parks are significant for our well-being in terms of physical activities for all age groups, planting flora maintains a balance in the ecosystem. Therefore, they must be preserved and should not be destructed by the perception of constructing residential properties.

Sample 2 There Are Areas of Land that Are Used as Parks

It is irrefutable that the growth of the population rapidly spread with massive intensity across the world, which needs more housing Space and apartments for its survival. The diminution of land use for playgrounds and parks is in favour of individuals. A popular stratum of society deems that parks are vital in every community, but others believe that housing is more compatible with people’s growth and that they live without hurdles. However, I endorse the statement to an extent. I have some solid grounds to defend my opinion, which I would like to explicate at length in the paragraphs to come.

It is implicit that Parks bring an ample advantage; they provide numerous assets to the individual, which helps in addressing the problem of stress and depression. Also, they usually enhance their living standards and tends to do plenty of activities in parks. As a result, they feel delighted and get more focus in their workplace. Apart from that, in some Park, there are few sophisticated types of equipment installed and build more Playground assets which give connectivity to every society to make the lifestyle of the people convenient. For instance, building more Playgrounds on land has an abundance of benefits to making lives healthy. Even the Park has immense amenities like gym facilities and other sorts of pieces of equipment. To add to it, people also spend their quality time in parks and reduce the level of stress from their workaholic life.

Furthermore, green area in a large city helps to overcome the problem of pollution, which is caused by car factories, and burning other fossil fuels leads to the release of heavy toxic gases which are harmful to people. Moreover, there are a few options that government needs to resolve these issues. A very good way to control the problem of housing and Park. Local authorities need to construct a park on the rooftop of the building. For instance, in Dubai, there are lots of parks and gardens constructed on the roof of the buildings by incredible architectural designers. As a result of the problem of housing and pollution drastically going down, every building in Dubai follows this wealthy policy to make the people happy.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that the green area should be protected and need to build more in every community. Therefore, the government put their intention towards the housing space and constructed a building along with a garden on top.

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