There Is Little Difference in The Shops Now Operating in Various Nations

There is little difference in the shops now operating in various nations. Some people think this is a positive development, while others believe it is a negative one. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In the current scenario, a considerable difference could be seen in the running of the shops in various countries. A few argue that it is advantageous if all the shops produce similar products; however, others disagree, who say that it will enhance complete control of giant firms. In my perspective, it is advantageous for the people who migrate overseas as well as travel in their home country and find it convenient to get their basic requirements in any corner of their country.

To commence with, those, who embrace the idea of having similarity in the product, are beneficial for the shoppers in different countries. They consider that buyers can access any product while travelling to any part of the world. They will not struggle in choosing their desirable products. Also, they will feel at ease by getting the same things that they usually bought in their native land. Thus, it is convenient for them. For example, if people of the traditional nation visit alien countries either for work or study, they find the necessities also in their host country. If it is talked about ethnic wear, traditional food, and holy books; then, these can be attained in foreign countries. Thus it has reduced the burden of people and has made their stay comfortable in any corner of the world.

On the other hand, those who consider it is a negative development say that producing the same items can give rise to thorough possession of a company. This can lead to shutting down the business of local shop owners. Ultimately, they will have to bear the financial loss. Thus this monopoly can create problems for the shoppers as well. For instance, affluent people can access branded clothes and other requisite things. Local shops do not compel the customers to pay because people have a chance to make payments in instalments. This privilege they cannot have while doing shopping from patent firms. Thus, it is not beneficial for the buyers as well as shop owners. Moreover, complete possersorship can make the entrepreneurs hike the prices and manufacture only those mostly sold products. Thus, profit-seekers will not consider people’s choices. First, they will be focused more on generating more income. Therefore, it will lead the consumers to comprise with the things.

In conclusion, Thus, producing similar items are beneficial for the customers to make them feel at home even from another land. They will be able to buy any product at their whim. On the contrary, it is disadvantageous because it will lead to thorough ownership of particular firms, and there are chances of rising inflation. I consider that although it is disadvantageous, buyers find it easy to purchase desirable products while sitting in any corner of the world, and they do not need to struggle against selecting a thing because everything will be available at a fixed rate so that it will make their shopping hassle-free.

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